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The Watsu Classes

The established form of Watsu is taught in the 50 hour intensives, Watsu 1 and 2. It has been developed over the last thirty years by Harold Dull with the help of instructors who have been applying and fine tuning it in their practice and classes around the world.

Watsu 1

Watsu 1 has two parts that can be combined in an intensive or attended separately:

Basic Watsu

In this 16 hours learn the opening moves of Watsu (usually introduced in the Watsu Round). Learn how the getting lighter of the one in your arms each time they breathe in, engages your own breathing from a deep level, and establishes the rhythm of the moves and stretches to come. Learn how floating someone at your heart draws you into a continuum, a moving as water, and a profound stillness. View the moves of Basic Watsu below.

Transition Flow
In this 34 hours learn the graceful transitions into and out of Watsu's major positions, and how to maintain the alignment and integrity of both your body, and the one in your arms.

Watsu 2

Watsu's major positions are cradles in which one arm holds someone to you, freeing your other arm to press and stretch. In this class explore the range of moves and stretches that can be introduced in each cradle, and how to adapt a Watsu session to anybody.

Watsu 3

Having learned to adapt the established form to whoever you have in your arms, your body is ready to be wherever someone arrives in a Free Flow. Rolls are taught in this class, and how to be wherever someone comes out of one. Besides opening the door to Free Flow, this class introduces the powerful moves that Watsu began with when Harold took the stretches of Zen Shiatsu into the pool.

Watsu 4

The body wave, the trembling of the hara that rose up his spine into a world of light when someone floated Harold one night, and the wish to take others to that place, started him down the path to Watsu. Join Harold to explore further into Watsu's potential, its access and engagement of our whole being in Free Flow, Tandem Watsu, and Watsu for 2 by 3.

Additional Watsu and Aquatic Bodywork Classes

Classes that focus on adapting Watsu to special needs, and classes on the Watsu Explorer path, as well as other Aquatic Bodywork classes such as Waterdance and Healing Dance can be found on the WABA Registry where all the electives in our programs are listed.

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