Watsu® with Elderly Study 04/21/2009 . . . http://www.watsu.com/applications/WatsuwithElderly.pdf
The above links to the results of an 18 month study of Watsu® with 16 residents of a continuing care retirement community published in AKWA, December-January 2006; 3 pages 4mb Abstract.
Watsu® services, one-on-one bodywork in warm water, were provided in 30-minute sessions twice a month for eighteen months to sixteen residents in their 70s and 80s who lived in a continuing care retirement community. The residents’ histories included various physical ailments: arthritis, fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis, hip and knee restoration and/or replacement, cancer, spinal fusion, and Parkinson’s disease with associated neck, torso, and limb rigidity. Some had mild anxiety. After eighteen months of services, self-assessments of (1) aches and pains, (2) emotional stress, (3) body flexibility, and (4) ability to relax before a typical Watsu session were compared with self-assessments after the session. These assessments plus anecdotal reports indicate a substantial improvement in reduction of aches, pains, and emotional stresses. Also indicated are enhanced body flexibility and ability to relax at the conclusion of each session. No undesirable side effects were reported.
Having provided 2,472 sessions to date (3/14/09) I note that receivers' pains among 70-80 y/o have diminished from entirely to 70% for 2.5 days avg.