Many Results with Children and Others 06/08/2006
I have had many rewarding experiences practicing Watsu in many different conditions. Which I want to share.
I have been working for about 2 years on a rehabilitating program of aquatic yoga designed by myself. When I discovered Watsu my life was complete. Among the many children I found benefitting from Watsu are:

Case 1. A girl with Reumatoid arthritis- 15 years of age. Wheel chair. She reconciled with God in her 3 rd Watsu. She said she was mad with him because of her pain. She began to walk in her 3rd session, leaving the chair for good. At the begining she had a funny style, but was brave . She challenged diagnosis and medicine diagnoses. She was rold she needed a surgery, she did not needed, she was told she would never developed as a normal woman. in her 9th sesion she told me she had her menstruation like any normal kid. Physisians admired her improvement and she even left medication. after making many friends , acting in school as any other kid, for 9 months , she had a pneumonia and died in 4 days. She reconciled with god in the water, she called me from the intensive care with grat mood. I could not talked to her by phone,but we talked through her mom. She was happy to leave , she was ready. Their parents are great ambasadors of the modality she wants everybody to know how Watsu changed their lives and how greatfull they are. She is my inspiration everyday.

Case 2- 3years old -Autism-boy. Watsu improved his speech process,flapping to a minimum,, bilateral coordination to 80 %, Impulsiveness control. Now he is acting like a cooperative, happy baby, eye contact has improved Still fights structure. He continues with watsu combined with swimming and other therapies.

Case 3- 7 years old / male- Autism-Mom is pediatrician. She is surprised with structure result with her son, flapping and impulsiveness-0. He has overcome school misbehavior, eye contact is almost 100%, bilateral coordination 100%. Socially he is completely integrated in school in montesory system.

Case 4. 5 years old boy- Neurodevelopment delay, impulsive and defiant- Impresive improvement in communication process, eye contact, shool performance and social skils. Bilateral coordination 100 %He is still active but controlled and integrated in a regular curricullum.

In addition to children I've experienced improvements in many adults:
Case 5. Survived car accident-Herniated disc,L4-L6, 37 years , walking with cane for 7 years. Watsu improved her mobility in less than 4 months,regaining cohnfidence , balance and coordination.Active in her strengthening program. She says this is for life.
An additional two cases are listed under Multiple Sclerosis