Research on Fibromyalgia 07/15/2005 . . .
Watsu provides an effective holistic intervention in a group with Fibromyalgia. Abstract
Aim: To measure within-person change scores on the Short-Form-36 General Health Survey ( SF-36) to compare the holistic effectiveness of Watsu therapy to AIX therapy as a rehabilitation intervention for people with Fibromyalgia Syndrome (FMS). Holistic therapy was defined as any treatment or combination of treatments that claimed to address the physical, psychological, social and spiritual components of health.

Design: The two treatments (Watsu and AIX) and time of data collection (start and end of treatment) were the factors in the two-conditions, within-subjects with reverse order counterbalancing design.
Setting: A specialist rehabilitation service provider, Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Rotorua.

Participants: 13 females diagnosed with FMS

Outcome Measures: The eight subscales of the SF-36

Results: Significant change differences with large effect sizes were found for Watsu on the SF-36 subscales of physical functioning, bodily pain, vitality and social functioning for both treatment and interaction effects.

Conclusions: Results indicate that Watsu therapy provided an effective holistic intervention for this sample. Further research is required to understand the dynamics of Watsu therapy and the extent to which these results are generalisable.

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