Watsu Classes
 Basic Watsu

 Watsu 1

 Watsu 2

 Watsu 3

 Watsu 3 (Adapted)

 Watsu Instructor Training Course

 Watsu Transition Flow

Other Aquatic Bodywork

 Aquaternatives® Still Base Basics

 Aquatic Integration 1

 Aquatic Integration 2

 Craniosacral Therapy In Water™ 2

 Craniosacral Therapy In Water™ 3

 Fire And Water

 Healing Dance 1

 Healing Dance 2

 Healing Dance Integration Day

 Healing Dance Shape And Space

 Healing Dance Underwater Basics

 Introduction To Healing Dance

 Introduction To Healing Dance Underwater

 Oba 1 - Fluid Body For Watsuer

 Oba 2 - Oceanic Body

 Oba 3 Cosmic Body

 Oba Basic

 Relating And Mirroring

 Wata Initiation

 Waterdance 1

 Waterdance 2

 Waterdance 3

 Waterdance Fundamentals

 Watsu Round Ab

Other Training Institute classes

Amnion® I

Anatomy For Aquatic Bodyworkers

Aqt® Intro Reset Nervous System To Address Chronic Pain, Ptsd

Aqua Doula

Aquatic Techniques For Each Unique Individual

Basic Watsu For Athletes

Duo.watsu Basic

Liquid Flow Basic

Liquid Flow Essence

Oba Evaluation Day

Shiatsu For Aquatic Bodywork

Watsu And Meditation

Watsu Des 5 Elements

Watsu Et Deprogrammazione

Watsu For Athletes

Watsu® Basic Clinical Applications For Children With Cerebral Palsy

Woga 1 And 2

Woga Itc Instructor Training

Woga Itc Preparatory Training

The classes above qualify as electives for WABA certification.
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