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Jun 29-J1 2018 Basic Tantsu with Keli Procopio in Tuttlingen 20

Jul 07-12 2018 Healing Dance Above and Below with Alexander George France 50

Oct 30-N4 2018 IAKA-Watsu II with Helene Schulz and Oliver Möhwald in Mitterteich/D 50

Nov 02-11 2018 Healing Dance Above and Below two consecutive weekends Friday to Sunday with Alexander George in Hornerheide, Netherlands 50

Aug 26-28 2019 Relating and Mirroring with Alexander George Spain 24

WR indicates the Basic moves are introduced in a Watsu Round. Other abbreviations indicate modules can be attended individually: BW: Basic Watsu, TF: Transition Flow, Y and Z are the first and last halves of 50 hour intensives. The rest are 2 day modules. _Hours of WABA requirements and electives _Hours of Tantsu
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