2018 Nov 15-16 Basic Watsu with Tomasz Zagorski in Slovenia

Esta clase es 16 horas jueves - viernes...

Este curso se concentra en las nociones bàsicas de Watsu. De forma similar a Tai-Chi la persona puede permanecer centrado en una posición adecuada mientras se flota y se hacen estiramientos a otra persona. La persona mueve a la otra mediante estiramientos y flexiones , sincronizando la respiración de forma rìtmica y fluìda.Serán conducidos a través de una secuencia simple pero completa. Podrá participar en este curso con el propósito de profundizar en su técnica de meditació, en mejorar su relacion con el agua y con los demàs. No se enfatiza la presión de "aprender" la secuencia, pero para aquellos que lo deseen existe la posibilidad de continuar con el flujo de la transición, que junto al flujo de base completan el curso de Watsu-I. Como en cada fase de nuestro programa, la secuencia aprendida tiene una consistencia orgànica y puede ser repetida indefinidamente sin perder sus efectos beneficiosos. La técnica beneficia tanto a la persona que lo practica como a quién lo recibe.El curso incluye 10 horas de instrucción en la piscina de agua caliente y 6 horas de trabajo en tierra donde se exploraràn posteriormente los distintos niveles y aspectos de Watsu que se revelan durante el proceso.

Tomasz Zagorski

Tomasz Zagorski has an educational background as a physical education teacher and athletic coach. Additional education are sports therapy, different kinds of massage and manual therapy. He has opened his doctoral thesis concerning applications of Watsu among endurance athletes at Academy of Physical Education in Krakow. He is the owner of a leading massage company HandsOn which serving and teaching massage for many years. He works with top level athletes including several Olympic Champions and medalists as well as World Record holders. He is founder and president of Aquatic Therapy Development Association Watsu Polska which made a huge promotion of Watsu in press articles, internet, during presentations on SPA expos, in universities and clinics.
In teaching Tomasz Zagorski combine his passion for Watsu, academic knowledge and experience from years of work with many interesting people. "To give Students both: knowledge and skills for safe and effective work with clients and passion for this work such I have since my first course in 2000".
The main concern is safety and quality of touch and movements – the new approach for water work for better effectiveness and satisfaction from the work.
Tomasz is a former distance runner, he loves to travel, playing golf and skiing.

Los comentarios de los estudiantes que han tomado esta clase impartida por Tomasz Zagorski:

10/25/2016 ... Рекомендую каждому, кто желает развиваться и получить по настоящему качественные знания!
02/22/2015 ... Great course to attend. The practise of the course is very good.
04/24/2013 ... This was one of the best experiences ever, Tomasz is a great teacher with amazing knowledge and lots of patience, and the world of watsu is the most peaceful and relaxing place i've ever been to! Thank you!
12/17/2012 ... I can say that the course was very interesting for me. I have recieved very good theoretical and practical knowledge about WATSU. It is a very good method, which you can use (also combined with other methods)for a very good therapy for people with different disabilities and problems or just for relaxation. I would strongly recomend it.
11/07/2012 ... Amazing adventure, wonderful relaxation, a large relaxation.
10/21/2012 ... In my opinion Watsu is the best therapy I have ever known. I didn't realise that it is so increadible. I had no idea that Watsu could change my way of thinking so much. After course I know that there is a lot to find out in physical therapy. However you can learn how powerful thing is to be with somebody. It is possible when you float totally relaxed in warm water.
10/02/2012 ... course helps you gain experience, invaluable when it comes to anatomical approach to the human body. atmosphere and people with broad interests spektum gives us a chance to better choices in this profession. I sincerely recommend, especially yet this is not definite.
10/02/2012 ... It was very informative and an amazing experience. learn a new way in the use of water to improve the health and well-being. This is only the beginning of this road, which predict the next steps to be very interesting.
10/30/2011 ... It was course full of new experience and a person doing body work should do it.
07/16/2011 ... Kurs Watsu Basic i Watsu 1 w Laskowej by⁄ zorganizowany bardzo profesjonalnie w piêknych okoliczno¶ciach przyrody beskidzkiej. Nocleg i wy¿ywienie by⁄o super. Instruktor by⁄ kompetentny i przygotowany do zajêæ. Mieli¶my pe⁄en komfort pracy. Liczebno¶æ grupy by⁄a dostosowana do warunków. Basen by⁄ przygotowany pod wzglêdem technicznym i sanitarnym rewelacyjnie. Tomasz Zagórski pokaza⁄ nam wszystko co obejmowa⁄ program kursu bardzo dok⁄adnie i metodycznie zgodnie z zasadami nauczania. Wszystkie wymogi WABA zosta⁄y spe⁄nione. Bardzo siê cieszê, ¿e by⁄em uczestnikiem tego kursu i mam nadziejê, ¿e w ocenie instruktora tak¿e wypad⁄em dobrze. Z pewno¶ci± bêdê kontynuowa⁄ przygodê z Watsu w przysz⁄o¶ci./Marcin Hawrylak
07/16/2011 ... Kurs zosta⁄ przeprowadzony w sposób poprawny. Prowadz±cy przekazywa⁄ informacje w sposób prosty i rzetelny. Pomaga⁄, naprowadza⁄ i instruowa⁄ przy wykonywaniu kolejnych sekwencji ruchów. Rozwiewa⁄ wszystkie nasze najmniejsze problemy i w±tpliwo¶ci. Miejsce i atmosfera nie zapomniana, przyczynia siê do lepszego i owocniejszego poznania WATSU.
06/14/2011 ... Kurs przeszed³ moje naj¶mielsze oczekiwania, by³o ciekawie i profesjonalnie, od strony teoretycznej jak i praktycznej. Prowadz±cy nr 1 !!
05/31/2011 ... The course is really wonderful, there was enough time to learn all the techniques of bacis watsu, enough time to practice them. Instructor was patient and gave us lot of important advices. I recommend this course for all people who like working in water.
08/21/2010 ... That it's really worth to attend to this course. It's something between meditation, physiotherapy and magic ;)