Learn how the getting lighter of the one in your arms each time they breathe in, engages your own breathing from a deep level, and establishes the rhythm of the moves and stretches to come. Learn how floating someone at your heart draws you into a continuum, a moving as water, and a profound stillness. Learn the moves that open every Watsu session around the world. Done on both sides and complete in itself, this unconditional bodywork can be returned to again and again without ever exhausting its potential.
Elisa Munoz Blanco

Elisa Muñoz Blanco
Physioterapist N. CLM 571
Expert in Osteopathy, Craniomandibular Disorders and Orofacial Pain, Manual Lymphatic Drainage, Myofascial Release®, Cranio-Sacral Therapy and Traditional Thai Massage.
Certified Watsu® Instructor, Assistant and Practitioner.
CranioSacral Therapy in Water™ Creator and Instructor.
WatsuPath™ Founder and Director.

Elisa is a Graduated in Physiotherapy from the Universidad Europea de Madrid. She studied the Expert diploma in Craniomandibular Disorders and Orofacial Pain in Pamplona, the Postdegree diploma in Manual Lymphatic Drainage in Austria, and later integrated Cranio-Sacral Therapy and SomatoEmocional Release® into her clinical practice. A journey through Europe, Asia and Oceania allowed her to complete her Traditional Thai Massage studies, and to begin her Watsupath™. Back to Spain she specialized in Osteopathy and Myofascial Release® by the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, and created CranioSacral Therapy in Water™, method that applies and teaches today at the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos in Madrid and other therapeutic pools in Spain, as well as in several European countries and the Americas. She is co-author of the book "Aquatic Therapy: Approaches from the Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy in the aquatic media", first book in Spanish with a 100% therapeutic approach. Brandishing integrity, dedication, commitment, ethics and professionalism, builds on the concept of the human being as a system of tensegrity to found and lead Watsupath™ Training Institute, collaborating with a team of therapeutic centers, practitioners and clinical prestigious teachers. The synthesis and integration of this path, and her constant and persistent pursuit of personal and professional development, nourishes the relationship with each patient, each student and each colleague.

WatsuPath™ - CST in Water™ is a registered service mark of Elisa Muñoz Blanco.