2018 Mar 9-Apr 22 Healing Dance 1 two weekends March 9-11 April 20-22 with Alexander George Netherlands

This class is 50 hours Friday - Sunday in Hornerheide... It is taught in English ... Contact: Saskia van Rees ... Telephone +31 495651735 ...

Healing Dance I constitutes a paradigm shift for the student of aquatic bodywork. It sees the body as at home in the water and hydrodynamic in its form, healing in the flow of movement. It understands the psyche as needing not only nurture and closeness, but space, freedom and acceptance of self-expression, as well. More than anything else, Healing Dance I is the wave. In addition to seven full-body waves the sequence encompasses various circles, figure eights and releases, all balanced by the stillness of positional sanctuaries, and woven together with flowing transitions. The study of body mechanics extends beyond the familiar Horse and Warrior Stances to include different walking patterns that allow traveling across the pool. Healing Dance principles are discussed on land and practiced in the water. These include moving by example, creative imbalance, the rhythmic field and dosing movement. Finally, you are introduced to Relating and Mirroring, the goal of all technical study, the art of sensitively accompanying the movement impulses and unwinding of receivers. A written and photo manual are provided and a DVD of the sequence is made available.
Prerequisites: Watsu 1

Alexander George

Alexander George came to the holistic arts in the final third of a 25-year career as a ballet and modern dancer, teacher and choreographer. In 1980 he began the study of holistic massage at the International School of Professional Bodywork in San Diego, completing the 1000 Hour Massage Therapist Training in 1983 and Associate of Science degree in 2004. Alexander qualified as a Trager Practitioner in 1986, subsequently studying with Milton Trager himself. In 1990 he became a Watsu Practitioner at Harbin Hot Springs in northern California under the tutelage of Harold Dull, the originator of Watsu. In 1993 he studied WaterDance from one of its co-founders, Arjana Brunschwiler. Alexander went on to develop the techniques of Healing Dance and Flowing Touch Massage. He is a certified instructor of the Worldwide Aquatic Bodywork Association, and for nine years taught at the School of Shiatsu and Massage at Harbin Hot Springs. Alexander has led over 300 week-long 50-hour intensives in Anatomy, Massage, Barefoot Shiatsu, Watsu, Healing Dance and WaterDance. Alexander presently leads trainings in Germany, Holland, Italy, France, Portugal and the US. He has written over seventy-five articles on teaching and aquatic bodywork, a selection of which are available for free download at www.aquaticwritings.com. The official web site for Healing Dance is www.healingdance.org. Alexander lives in Germany with his wife, Kathrin.

Feedback from students who have taken this class taught by Alexander George:

03/23/2017 ... Corso assolutamente raccomandato. Offre un approccio differente e apre molte nuove possibilità di esplorazione corporea in acqua ponendo un'attenzione molto accurata ad alcuni principi di meccanica corporea del movimento dell'operatore.
11/27/2016 ... very gracefully put together healing movement both for giver and receiver
11/16/2016 ... I really loved and appreciate this group. It's a perfect integration of Watsu, and gives much usefull details and principles about movimenta in water..
05/22/2016 ... If you are looking for a fluid practise into movements, Healing Dance is for you.
05/22/2016 ... super Alexander est pour moi l'un des meilleur enseignant dans le monde de l'eau!!

08/16/2015 ... OK
07/28/2015 ... An excellent teacher : a very interesting way of teaching.
A gentle and very rich aquatic bodywork.
01/13/2015 ... An amazing class and an amazing teacher on so many levels. In this course I found a way to be more spacious in water both as a giver and as a receiver. I feel fulfilled, inspired and highly motivated.
05/29/2011 ... I really enjoyed the Healing Dance class with Alexander very much. Especially I like the methods of teaching and the atmosphere of learning, which I would describe as very relaxed and humorous. Also playing in between the sequences, which are shown in small steps and having a lot of freedom to experiment with all of the elements at the end of the course.
For me Healing dance is my favorite of the different kinds of water-therapies because it gives me more freedom and the chance for a lot of empathy for my partner and various possibilities for the interaction.
The elements of this discipline include much safety for the receiver but in a free flowing way. Once Alexander said, its the way how a father lets a child grow. It might be, a mother would gave more safety through holding and cradle the child...
05/18/2004 ... Take it, take it, do it! it is great! I have never seen a instructor have so much fun an so dedicated to his work as Alexander, you have to experience that!
I would do it (again)!