2018 Apr 13-14 OBA basic with Dariya Kuznik in Auroville

This class is 15 hours Friday - Saturday in Auroville... It is taught in English ... Contact: Guido ... Telephone +914132622329 ...

Dariya Kuznik

Feedback from students who have taken this class taught by Dariya Kuznik:

12/30/2017 ... Getting trained with Dariya and Daniel is the best any student can ask for. They ensure that every student gets their due respect and learns at their own pace, there's no pressure to learn and perform as the techniques and details are explained so simply and perfectly. Each one of us has learnt the basics so well with repeated correction, improvising, practice that each one of us enjoyed every minute of the class. It was a wonderful mix of students, each one was present only to absorb what was being taught, there was a beautiful harmony which helped us all evolve. It's a unique experience where you connect mind, body and soul and I will greatly recommend it to everyone who wants to make a difference to oneself and others.