2018 Mar 7-8 Liquid Flow Basic with Dariya Kuznik in Auroville

This class is 11 hours Wednesday - Thursday in Auroville... It is taught in English ... Contact: Guido ... Telephone +914132622329 ...

While Watsu is the mother of all water therapies, Liquid Flow is inspired and based on the forms and qualities of Watsu and Oceanic Bodywork Aqua (OBA).

In this course, you will practice basic techniques and qualities (grounding, presence, stillness, movement, attention) of being and moving another body in the water, on the surface as well as under water. Participants in this course often appreciate the created space for deep relaxation and nurturing of body, mind & spirit, and the group dynamics that foster meaningful connections.
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Dariya Kuznik

Feedback from students who have taken this class taught by Dariya Kuznik:

01/31/2017 ... I would say that I had a great experience with amazing instructors and got to know a good amount of information from the course, with great explanation and demostrations too.
01/27/2017 ... Do it!
09/08/2016 ... Liquid Flow is a work connected with the heart. It makes a very deep connection between us and water. Liquid Flow has emotional and healing benefits for every level of our being.
01/23/2015 ... That this is the best gift she/he can give to herself/himself!
Dariya and Daniel are both extremely dedicated to the water element, the Watsu and to the Liquid Flow - and they are extremely gifted as teachers too!
I would simply say: GO GO GO!!!
04/25/2014 ... Very much recomendabal!
04/14/2014 ... This course allows you to find a contact between the heart and the soul to help give something to another soul.
01/13/2014 ... I would say that you, new student, should prepare to meet the most wonderful caring and knowledgeable teachers, you will learn in safe and full of trust environment, there will be challenges but also enough time to incorporate them into practice, and there definitely will be celebration and sense of accomplishment at the end. It is a very beautiful journey which might take you to new unknown depths practically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.
09/02/2013 ... The class is very well structered. Instructers are very pleasant and knowledgeable.quiet healing center in pondicherry India is a beautiful place to learn and experience watsu. facilities are very good.
08/28/2013 ... This is a wonderful course for someone who is working with holistic health including physio and psychology. The course opens you into new possibilities of treating and helping people. I would suggest people to go into this course to go in an open mind but determined. This is not a funny program but has fun in learning. Keep learning, keep improving.
08/28/2013 ... Simply amazing, both on land and in the water taken care of, as well technically as on a human level!

Very recommendable to anyone who wants to dive into aquatic bodywork.