2019 Aug 2-5 Processo Emotivo per Watsu with Keli Procopio in Scansano - Grosseto

This class is 25 hours 3.00 p.m Friday - 2.00 p.m Monday in Scansano - Grosseto... It is taught in italian & english ...
One of the key aspects in learning Watsu is to create a welcoming atmosphere, containment and non-judgmental when the emotions emerge are experienced. To do this it is necessary to face our own and others' emotions, recognizing them and learning how to manage. With the professional support of Fulvio Zanella, a psychologist and psychotherapist, this group offers a valuable support in this direction through physical exercises and imaginative, role plays and dramatizations.
Part of WABA & Watsu Italy Training gives 25 hours credit.

Keli Procopio

Keli Procopio Counselor with specialization in Breathwork and Watsu; she teaches watsu 1,2,3, breath for watsu, emotional process and Tantsu.
International Watsu Coach Adviser
Osho sannyasin since 1988 she started her personal and professional growth very young, qualifying on different techniques including Shiatsu and Breathwork.
She met Harold Dull, more than 20 years ago, and with him started her journey with water.
Co-Founder of the Watsu School in Italy (Watsu Italia), currently teaches in Italy, Europe, and various tropical paradises where the clear water are sources of inspiration.
Her approach to aquatic bodywork is focused in experiencing feelings connected to breathing and meditation, exploring the potential of awareness related to the water element.

Feedback from students who have taken this class taught by Keli Procopio:

05/01/2016 ... This course is built step by step: at 1rst, the quality of listening, then of communication and finally some real situations explored into water. Great to get input from a psychotherapist and a watsu instructor.
05/01/2016 ... Utilissimo, a prescindere dalla formazione watsu