2019 Apr 1-7 Watsu 2 with Ahara Vatter In Austin Texas, 50 NCBTMB CEUs

This class is 50 hours 4:30 pm Monday - 1 pm Sunday in Austin... Maximum number of students: 8 ... The tuition for this course is $800 ... Auditors repeat this course for $575 ...
aharava1@hotmail.com Phone; 303-808-9606

Expand each of the positions learned in the Transition Flow with additional moves and stretches. Learn how to adapt them to the one in your arms.

Learn what moves need to be repeated on both sides and what need only be done on one side, and how to best utilize the time this frees.

Incorporate work on the hara. Learn to individualize each session. Complete Watsu's standard form.
Ahara Vatter

Ahara is currently a WABA certified Basic Watsu, Watsu® 1, 2 & 3 Instructor as well as an Instructor of Introduction to Healing Dance & Healing Dance 1 & 2. She teaches mostly in Colorado, Texas, Arizona and New Mexico, but is happy to travel to other locations. Ahara has various skills in her background. She is a CMT as well as a Nationally Certified Medical Massage Therapist. She is a certified yoga instructor, for 25+ years, an Ayurvedic Postpartum Doula and Pancha Karma Specialist. She currently teaches PostPartum classes thrugh Sacred Window School and Ayurved Sadhana Institute.. She has trained with Hawaiian Kahunas. She has served on the WABA ESAC (Educational Standards Advisory Board) for 4 years and currently chairs the WABR ethics committee. She has a private practice in Santa Fe, NM and in Denver, CO. She works as well with team of practitioners in Santa Fe with people in life transitions and healing life traumas.

Feedback from students who have taken this class taught by Ahara Vatter:

11/11/2018 ... This course will enrich your mind body and spirit. I will not only give you valuable tools to use on your clients it will be a gift for you the student.
04/27/2018 ... Ahara is a fabulous Watsu teacher. Anyone interested in Watsu should take her classes.
04/27/2018 ... Go for it!
06/25/2013 ... I would highly recommend this course for anyone wanting to expand their Watsu knowledge. Ahara is a fabulous instructor with great patience and knowledge and a heart of gold. She doesn't cut corners at any point. As a matter of fact, if she believes more time need be spent in covering a specific area of Watsu, she pushes to make it happen whether it means getting in the water earlier or staying later. She's very encouraging during every step of the learning process (whether on land or in water) which was extremely important for me. I've enjoyed taking both Watsu 1 and Watsu 2 from Ahara and look forward to her continued classes to enhance my own learning.
11/03/2012 ... absolutly
10/02/2012 ... YOU MUST TAKE IT! It was the thing that cemented what I had learned in Watsu I.