2019 Jan 19-20 Basic Watsu with Hilary Austin in Somerset

This class is 16 hours Saturday - Sunday in Somerset... Maximum number of students: 6 ...
hydrohilary@yahoo.com Phone; 07767 493886

Learn how the getting lighter of the one in your arms each time they breathe in, engages your own breathing from a deep level, and establishes the rhythm of the moves and stretches to come. Learn how floating someone at your heart draws you into a continuum, a moving as water, and a profound stillness. Learn the moves that open every Watsu session around the world. Done on both sides and complete in itself, this unconditional bodywork can be returned to again and again without ever exhausting its potential.

Hilary Austin

Hilary Austin
Watsu Practitioner/Assistant/Basic Watsu and Watsu 1 Instructor. Member of W.A.B.A [Wordwide Aquatic Bodywork Association]
Alexander Technique Teacher. Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist. TRE Certified Provider.
Way of Mastery Senior Pathway Teacher

Workshop Leader at British Airways.

Feedback from students who have taken this class taught by Hilary Austin:

10/26/2018 ... Thanks Hilary for an amazing Basic Watsu course. This has been my favourite course from the countless others I've done. I came away feeling so calm, peaceful, re-centered and my inner compass has been reset. It was wonderful being with like-minded souls, guided by Hilary so effortlessly and held by the warm water. If you haven't tried Watsu yet, you're in for a treat!!
07/19/2018 ... I would highly recommend this course to another student. It is one of the best training courses I have been on. I feel that I learnt so much from it and learned a lot about myself and how I can bring changes into my life and my sense of well being. I loved the whole ethos and concept of Watsu and I am really looking forward to using what I have learned.
07/12/2018 ... The Course was thoroughly informative and enjoyable. It will enable me to use these skills with certain students who will really benefit from Wat-su.
07/06/2018 ... Don't hesitate. This was the best course I have attended in many years. It was useful personally and professionally. Hilary, our trainer was kind, calm and approachable. I enjoyed every moment.
The days are long, but so worthwhile.
07/05/2018 ... It was an amazing course water is such a gentle free medium to work in. You will learn how to move yourself and your client is such a way that its a joy to do !
01/22/2018 ... I would highly recommend this course. It was extremely well led & very helpful for all the group members - whether they are going on to become WATSU practitioners or simply exploring a different type of hydrotherapy for working with patients of all levels of need.
01/22/2018 ... It is a relaxed, pace of learning with plenty of time to learn about and practice each move. Consideration was given to different learning styles combining the visual, verbal and kinaesthetic aspects of Watsu delivery for comprehensive understanding and practice.
10/26/2016 ... Hilary Austin transmits her passion for Watsu in a unique, gentle and beautiful way. The course focuses on technique and practice with a clever integration of mind and body awareness. Combined with the calm and beauty of the Freshfield Spa this course was a unforgettable learning journey.
11/15/2015 ... It is a must do course. It provides you with greater skills and knowledge for handling people in water
03/24/2015 ... I really enjoyed this course it opened my eyes to another way to use the water to help others.
03/24/2015 ... Keep your mind open and let the whole concept sink in
07/22/2014 ... The course is a very good and inspiring way to learn this new skill. With plenty of practical application and Exellant instruction you will learn the basic moves and see how this skill could be used with the clients you have. Our instructor Hillary Austin was amazing Exellant knowledge and communication and provided a relaxed and inspiring learning atmosphere.
07/22/2014 ... This was a well planned and prepared training session which I thoroughly enjoyed. I was pleased to receive the treatment, as I then understood how a client would feel during a session, as well as to train in Watsu. I was able to confidently practice it after the course was completed.
12/09/2013 ... This course was a magical door to a new reality. Carefully driven by Hilary and Tomas, I had a chance to understand a main principles and philosophy of water therapy. It was a perfectly structured course, which combines well the theoretical and practical lessons, had a great strategy to involve you in the process of understanding body of Receiver. You, as a Giver, needed to find a harmony between you, the water and body of Receiver, listen the patient's (Receiver)body.
Hilary and Tomas are talent teachers, with great passion for Watsu and great background knowledge of body. Hilary has a great experience of teaching and combines very well different skills, using different teaching methods for explanation. Each lesson is unique and matched my expectations. Practical lessons were granted by presenting two Masters of WATSU. It's a big luxury to have 2 professional teachers for group of 5 students. It was intensive, very practical, well balanced. Hilary and Tomas are wise and careful teachers, and found an individual way to reach each student, open each heart to new knowledge.
08/22/2013 ... Do it, Hilary is lovely
04/28/2013 ... Absolutely fantastic. Personally and such a gift to share with friends and family.

The relaxation, rehabilitation, and harmonising effects were profound on all students from all backgrounds.

Like a pool of eternal youth.

Truly the fusion of holistic practices we have been waiting for.

The time is now.
04/21/2013 ... Awesome skills ! lovely work, well worth the time spent.
04/21/2013 ... This course has broadened my awareness and confidence and improved my breathing immensely. I feel as though a burden has lifted from me after having been in such close contact with another person in warm water for so many hours. I feel as if I am at the beginning of a new journey and there has been a break through in my way of thinking and attitude to life. The course was a revelation and a catalyst to move on to a more spiritual and relaxing life. I felt also that WATSU has a strong cathartic affect.
I hope that I will be able to continue to improve my own physical and spritual health which will inturn enable me to pass on the warmth and strength this course gave me to others.
11/10/2012 ... i have the basic watsu experience as an important foundation for the next step Watsu 1
As i have done my reSearch for a long time to find the way to handle the body, That i have found essential in Watsu.
Watsu is a perfect Technique That Will open a gateway for you to know your own potential That your body has.

a note: i have learned a lesson doing this course, with a very busy schedule that i have, how Very Important it is to take time for yourself!
Thank you Hilary off to the next step Watsu 1.

07/07/2012 ... Take it
07/02/2012 ... Well worth doing. Very thorough, careful and gentle tuition.
04/29/2012 ... This was a real treat to be put on this course from my employer as I have been working in a hydrotherapy pool for over 4 years and had a basic knowledge.I now feel more equiped and confident in delivering a watsu to the people I would work with. I see the many benefits and ideas that can be developed.
04/29/2012 ... Prepare to be inspired, I really enjoyed the course and could clearly see the benefits of Watsu to the client group we work with.
12/04/2011 ... I recommend it
10/24/2011 ... I could not recommend it enough. I returned from Cornwall on the Sunday and on Monday i was in the pool with Patients and integrated Watsu into their treatments with great effect.
10/23/2011 ... Hilary is very precise teaching the moves. She makes sure you are capable grasping them. very pacient and compassionate. I can reccommend her for sure.
10/23/2011 ... Brilliant introduction to Watsu.
09/14/2011 ... It's well worth doing! Hilary's instructions are clear and easy to follow. She also gives good one-to-one instruction during the class periods.
08/31/2011 ... I would say that Hilary was a great instructor, she gave very clear directions & knew her material well. She was lighthearted and fun and I felt very at ease with her.
05/31/2011 ... Hilary is an inspiring, knowledgable, experienced and engaging teacher. I am so eager to put into use all I have learnt this weekend and to continue learning more about Watsu. The weekend is so much more than learning Watsu, it is about working together as a group, in pairs and learning about yourself too. I am pleased I have done the Basic course before Watsu 1 too as it gives you an opportunity to learn the moves without the pressure of having to know the sequence off by heart. I cannot recommend this course and Hilary enough.