2019 Aug 29-31 WOGA ITC Instructor Training with Gianni De Stefani in Rivera - Ticino

This class is 21 hours Thursday - Saturday in Rivera - Ticino... It is taught in italiano ... Contact: Loretta ... Telephone 004176 3686281 ...
loretta.caneva@bluewin.ch Phone; 004176 3686281

Gianni De Stefani

Feedback from students who have taken this class taught by Gianni De Stefani:

12/06/2016 ... Formation très intéressante sur le travail de l'équilibre - posture - étirement - respiration - lâcher prise
12/06/2016 ... Ce cours apporte une connaissance accrue de l'eau. On y decouvre une partie de son pouvoir, de sa portance et de son apport.
Le corps prend de nouveaux repères et bouge différemment.
08/07/2016 ... Just do it!
11/03/2015 ... A fantastic experience that can change your point of view and the perception of your body/breath/mind.

06/25/2014 ... Don't miss this experience! You will learn and get more than you expected. Afterwards you will be able to develop your own style and classes.
03/29/2014 ... Interesting learning experience with a passionate teacher! Go for it!