2019 May 3-5 Watsu per casi speciali with Gianni De Stefani in Eraclea (VE)

This class is 25 hours Friday - Sunday in Eraclea (VE)... It is taught in italiano ... Contact: Laura ...

Adapted Watsu (Watsu per casi speciali)

Gianni De Stefani

Feedback from students who have taken this class taught by Gianni De Stefani:

03/29/2018 ... Go on for it. Its much worth it. It is a chance for you to connect with a person with a different body. And it is really special!
06/21/2017 ... Corso da frequentare obbligatoriamente
06/05/2016 ... tanta teoria ma tanti spunti per creare collaborazioni per praticare sui casi particolari
05/29/2016 ... To enjoy fully this class, I recommend to attend already some anatomy classes as this course deals with special anatomic cases. I learned deeper about specific body areas as the back/spine and the neck.
05/19/2015 ... It is really interesting and deep. It will leave a sign.
10/25/2014 ... It was very helpful and gave me a lot as usually. Big thanks to Gianni and all instructors for kind approach to all of us and also big thanks to the all my fellow students.
07/29/2013 ... Very interesting and usefull for customer with health problems.
07/09/2012 ... it is very interesting and helpful if you (want to) work with handicapped people.
06/07/2011 ... Yes,follow this course, it's very interesting, and very useful ;)
Consider that of all your clients, about 80% has some sort of a problem,
which should be taken in consideration before starting a session...

11/23/2007 ... Wow...erano due anni che rincorrevo questo corso e devo dire che ne è davvero valsa la pena: una grande esperienza in acqua e una grande sensibilità mi hanno reso semplice e gioioso l'essere in acqua con persone speciali.
Anche la parte a terra (per me spesso noiosa) è stata trattata con grande semplicità e "leggerezza".
Eccellente la documentazione fornita al termine del corso.
10/01/2007 ... Gianni ha saputo trasmettere con abilità la parte tecnica, decisamente necessaria in questo tipo di trattamenti, senza trascurare il lato umano che rende un operatore una vera risorsa per chi lo incontra. Ha saputo coniugare la didattica con momenti intesi e toccanti
09/06/2007 ... Dear Gianni
I found the course very interesting, though I find it was very early on my journey of water experience, because I don't have yet the practice and I didn't encounter difficult cases before taking the course. I found the work very intense and delicate, and it gave me a clue what I should study deeper and further. I took anatomy but in Hebrew everything sounds different and I can see I have a lot to learn, I would like to learn more about Meridians how to work with them and the effect on the body. I found this course was enriching and I expect to take it again after I will have more experience.
I also appriciated the work we did on the meditation and especialy the Ai chi, it had a great effect on me, I am very happy. I am very happy to still have one more course to learn from you this month.
09/01/2002 ... I found very much interested to had the chance to work with handicap people in the pool. Relation in the water with these people and their parents working in cooperation.
The teacher was very well professional. I would suggest to others.