2019 Jun 4-9 Watsu 2 with Basia Szpak-Borst and Philippe Quillien in Sud de la Sarthe (2h/3h de Paris)

This class is 50 hours 17h Tuesday - 17h Sunday in Sud de la Sarthe (2h/3h de Paris)... Maximum number of students: 8 ... It is taught in French ... The tuition for this course is euros600650 ... Auditors repeat this course for euros320 ... All participants pay an additional fee of euros160... Hold a place with a deposit of euros160 ... Contact: Philippe Quillien ... Telephone 0664461807 ...
quillienp@wanadoo.fr Phone; 0664461807

Expand each of the positions learned in the Transition Flow with additional moves and stretches. Learn how to adapt them to the one in your arms.

Learn what moves need to be repeated on both sides and what need only be done on one side, and how to best utilize the time this frees.

Incorporate work on the hara. Learn to individualize each session. Complete Watsu's standard form.

Basia Szpak-Borst

Basia Szpak-Borst, Acupuncturist, Certified Watsu® Instructor is teaching and sharing this work since 1992. She has taught over 210 workshops in 25 different countries helping with alot of start up. Watsu Orphan Project Founder she specializes in custom aquatic training programs for Pregnancy,Couples,Infants and has a private practice. She advises Watsu students Borst teaches Traditional Chinese Internal Arts. She completed Advanced CranioSacral Therapy and Pediatric CST. She introduced Watsu to Japan and writes about early aquatic education for infants in her book 'Fluid Beginnings'. International Conference presenter she works with Integrative Aquatic therapy and prenatal and birth trauma. She offers the elective Aqua Doula-Prenatal Themes.

Philippe Quillien

Feedback from students who have taken this class taught by Basia Szpak-Borst:

11/20/2018 ... it was a very small course providing great conditions for learning (advantages of learning almost one to one ) however the organisation side was sometimes not clear so I would suggest to be very picky and sure about the conditions agreements.
06/09/2017 ... The course was perfect by new material, which can improve my WATSU sessions, making the wider variety of movements, and giving the receivers more new experiences to feel their bodies and emotions.
05/25/2017 ... It was amazing time with two great women, Teachers...
05/18/2017 ... I did this course as a private course, which was very intense, but also a great way of really getting into detail with all the material. This was my second time doing Watsu 2 and I learned a lot more this time - but it really is full on, when you are the only student, so be prepared!
Basia is well grounded, nows her stuff in detail and her teaching really suited my temper.
05/16/2017 ... Deep, a lot of needful details, much support from the teachers, who are open, warm, attentive. I was attending for the second time and I'm glad I did it. I have filled the gaps, that I had. I feel more confident now.
05/15/2017 ... Very good course. I've got a lot useful and practicable information about meridians points. All optional movements and positions explained well. I found a lot useful details to improve my sessions.
05/14/2017 ... A very deep, comprehensive course.
12/29/2014 ... Very good course, excellent teacher. Basia teach us very precisely techniques and work with energy also.
10/18/2014 ... You should be satisfied- come...learn....feel....and be happy!!!
04/08/2014 ... Go for it ! It is a fantastic experience and if you love water - you will love Watsu ! Your job can be as relaxed as receiving Watsu treatment ! :)
03/19/2014 ... The course was very good and we learned a lot in a short time. I became more self aware and I also learned techniques that I could apply to my other treatments, such as facials and massage. The course combined work in the pool with work on land which added variety. I really enjoyed watsu and would like to develop my techniques further.
03/16/2014 ... I was very enjoyed it.
I was bit straggled in Watsu 1 becauce i have no idea to do massage in the water. expecialy breath and rhythm.
but now i know those things i was more relaxed to do Watsu 2.
08/30/2012 ... Excellent course, teacher is also excellent. A must!!

05/31/2010 ... It is a wonderful course. I practice therapy on a regular basis, and I am much more comfortable with the intuitive nature of Watsu II and the freedom it offers.

12/02/2009 ... A wonderful course to take. A great location, Buggenhout, Shambalah spa, to be able to really, fully focus on the material.