2019 Feb 3-8 Fire and Water with Minakshi in the Florida Keys

This class is 50 hours 4:30 Sunday - noonish Friday at Florida... Maximum number of students: 6 ... It is taught in English ... The tuition for this course is $800 ... Auditors repeat this course for $600 ... Hold a place with a deposit of $200 ...

This course offers a clear, coherent, and most importantly, applicable base of knowledge to participants.Whether students are new to Watsu®, and/or bodywork, or have been practicing for years, the information taught is invaluable. Shinzo teaches Shiatsu I, II and III on land and Minakshi teaches Watsu® I, II and III. Fire and Water is a collaboration designed to enhance both Shiatsu & Watsu. With Minakshi's grace and skill in the water, combined with Shinzo's fire and profound knowledge of shiatsu, this course is sure to be enlightening, enlivening, and enriching beyond measure. Fire and Water is taught half on land, half in the water. On land, students are introduced to concepts of oriental Shiatsu. The course introduces ways to use meridians and points that are only available in the water. Students will learn how to touch and enjoy being in the water.

Class Materials: Intermediate & Advanced Acupressure Course Booklet by Wendy Warren & Michael Reed Gach. The course content is also supported with a video and online teaching manual.


Minakshi has been studying and practicing bodywork since 1980. She became a certified Watsu® instructor in 1991 and teaches Waterdance and a Shiatsu class (Fire and Water) in the water which is recognized by WABR for the Shiatsu requirements. Since 1991 she has instructed over 540 classes. Working with Harold Dull, Arjana Brunschwiler, Alexander George, Mario Jahara and others well-known in the Worldwide Aquatic Bodywork Association she has instructed classes throughout the USA, Canada, Germany, Greece, Italy, Japan, Korea, Poland and Switzerland. In 1998 she founded the Aquatic Bodywork Island Studio in the Florida Keys. In 2009 she became qualified by Red Cross to teach CPR and First Aid.
In addition to her work in the water she has explored Acupressure, Ayurveda, Continuum, Cranio-Sacral Therapy, Feldenkrais®, Hatha Yoga, Hellerwork®, Thai Massage, Polarity and more.


Feedback from students who have taken this class taught by Minakshi:

03/16/2017 ... Minakshi is a gifted teacher and having a virtual Shinzo was an added bonus (the real one would have been best tho').

It was great to be able to put the zen shiatsu theory together with the water practice - and it provides an alternative method of working in the water.
08/02/2014 ... This is a fabulous course! The instructors are both amazing and I had so much fun learning from them and my amazing classmates. I had no bodywork experience prior to taking this course so much of what was being presented to me was new and I had to work hard to take it all in. But I laughed so much along the way and felt so very supported through moments of feeling overwhelmed. The instructors are a beautiful complement to one another. Shinzo teaches through fascinating stories and metaphors while Minakshi pulls all the pieces into precise and organized practices and learnings. You can see how much they love to be together and that joy infuses the community that gathers to learn from them. We shared communally shared meals each night and much laughter.
04/23/2014 ... Definitely this course is very valuable to an aquatic Bodyworker. Having both Minakshi and Shinzo as instructors you get two for the price of one:)
01/28/2013 ... This course should be a requirement for every being on Earth. If our world leaders were to embrace the five element therory there would be no war. We would connect merge and redirect the energy to a higher level of existence.
Every moment over the past two weeks with Shinzo he is constantly teaching great wisdom. Wether durring class, sharing a meal, bowel movements, exercise, breathing, and living life to the fullest with great wonder and joy everything that happened he was passing on great pearls of wisdom to us all.
Minaksi is the perfect complement to Shinzo's fire. Providing the metal organization and professionalism when Shinzo's fire burns a little to brightly.
02/02/2011 ... I feel that this class should be required before going onto Watsu 2. This class was extremely informative; it put each move and hold into perspective with intentions to the meridian points. I have to say it has redefined my whole outlook on my life and my watsu sessions with blessings, intentions and completeness. Minakshi and Shinzo are great teachers with such an essence of passion for spreading their knowledge in a free, fun loving way that you can't help to reproduce this information into your watsu sessions.
Please reward yourself by taking this class, it will truly enhance your life and your clients life by giving a more meaningful watsu session.
~Sharon McPherson, LMP~
02/26/2010 ... This course gives you a deeper understanding of the stretches and point work that we learned in Watsu 1,2,&3 and enables one to more aptly apply them in more precise ways to the person in our arms at any given time. I highly recomend it to anyone who wishes to enhance their application of Watsu techniques.
08/23/2007 ... Minakshi,
Your instruction was so well distributed! Your gentle mental caresses of ease and stability delivered with each chunk of information, finally sealed with an affirmation of confident belief in our ability to sustain it was enough for me to follow like the good sheep and sure enough, I am here, a week later applying with ease, the information learned through you, now on my tabletop. I know you know that what we are learning appears manifested via clients that come to us, so you can imagine what I have been receiving. Montana lungs to clear from the fires there, INSOMNIA and yes, oh yes, CONSTIPATION has come in for a healin'! Amen. :-)
03/02/2007 ... A very powerful class that engages the student in the balance and environment of the body. The alchemy of tests and a map of the body's energy meridians provides the student with unlimited application to assist the client in their healing process. I think this class should be a requirement for the Watsu Therapy.
I found Minakshi to be very graceous in extending her home to the group. She has a true talent in helping her students download a tremendous amount of information in a short amount of time. I feel the combination of Minakshi and Shinzo if very unique and the Fire & Water course is exceptional in it's information and use in the water.
Shinzo is quite a unique person. I find he is able to engage a student and get them involved in what they are studying rather than being an observer. I am amazed at how much information was passed onto our class during one weeks time. This is a very valuable class and I would recommend it to any one. Shinzo is one of a kind.