2019 Aug 11-16 Watsu 1 with Minakshi in Florida Keys...BW...TF

This class is 50 hours Sunday - Friday in Florida Keys at Florida... Maximum number of students: 4 ... It is taught in English ... The tuition for this course is $850 ... The tuition fee does not include accommodation or food. ... Auditors repeat this course for $650 ... Hold a place with a deposit of $200 ... Contact: Minakshi ... Telephone 3057432624 ...
minakshiwatsu@comcast.net Phone; 3057432624
The following modules can be attended individually:
Basic Watsu ... 08/11/2019-08/16/2019 ... $350...
Watsu Transition Flow ... 08/17/2019-08/19/2019 ... $550...

Learn how the getting lighter of the one in your arms each time they breathe in, engages your own breathing from a deep level, and establishes the rhythm of the moves and stretches to come. Learn how floating someone at your heart draws you into a continuum, a moving as water, and a profound stillness. Learn the moves that open every Watsu session around the world. Done on both sides and complete in itself, this unconditional bodywork can be returned to again and again without ever exhausting its potential.

Learn long gracefully flowing transitions into and out of Watsu's major positions. Learn about your own body mechanics - how to support and move each person as effortlessly as possible in the water.

The Transition Flow follows Basic Watsu and completes Watsu 1. Learn to expand the Basic form with long gracefully flowing transitions into and out of Watsu's major positions. Learn to adapt this to people of all sizes, shapes and dispositions. Learn about your own body mechanics - how to support and move each person as effortlessly as possible in the water.


Minakshi has been studying and practicing bodywork since 1980. She became a certified Watsu® instructor in 1991 and teaches Waterdance and a Shiatsu class (Fire and Water) in the water which is recognized by WABR for the Shiatsu requirements. Since 1991 she has instructed over 540 classes. Working with Harold Dull, Arjana Brunschwiler, Alexander George, Mario Jahara and others well-known in the Worldwide Aquatic Bodywork Association she has instructed classes throughout the USA, Canada, Germany, Greece, Italy, Japan, Korea, Poland and Switzerland. In 1998 she founded the Aquatic Bodywork Island Studio in the Florida Keys. In 2009 she became qualified by Red Cross to teach CPR and First Aid.
In addition to her work in the water she has explored Acupressure, Ayurveda, Continuum, Cranio-Sacral Therapy, Feldenkrais®, Hatha Yoga, Hellerwork®, Thai Massage, Polarity and more.


Feedback from students who have taken this class taught by Minakshi:

09/11/2018 ... I loves the way Minashki teaches. She encourages when necessary and helps to achieve the objective each one sets for himself/herself.
She really cares about the student and she made me love the work with water and especially WATSU even more.
05/24/2018 ... Enjoy, it's one of the best things you could do!
05/17/2018 ... I would highly recommend this course. It was life changing!
11/08/2017 ... This class is for anyone who wants to love the work, not just learn it.
10/31/2017 ... Organized , creative, easy to follow , and total presence .
02/23/2017 ... Minakshi is a patient, kind teacher filled with wisdom and knowledge of many subjects. So glad I chose Minakshi for Watsu I and II. Recommend taking I and II close together.
11/10/2016 ... It was awesome! I loved it! more people need to do this work!
08/10/2015 ... Minakshi is so knowledgeable! Take the week class and enjoy every moment, the atmosphere provided by Minakshi is wonderful and perfect for learning. Her accommodations are perfect as well with the abundance of videos to reference after class to review what you have just learned and prepare for the next day.
07/14/2015 ... What a wonderful and challenging experience! We learned a LOT of material in what seemed like a short amount of time, but never felt rushed or hurried in any way. Minakshi is a true master of Watsu and a gifted teacher.
04/29/2015 ... The Roosevelt Institute at Warms Springs is a magical place to learn Watsu! I was the only student who was not an aquatic physical therapist. So lectures tended to be more medically based than most Watsu classes. Minakshi did a beautiful job presenting the material. If you have the opertunity study with Minakshi please do so. she has honed her teaching skills to preciseness.
04/10/2015 ... This was a great course!
07/16/2014 ... Well taught. Nice environment. You might want to consider coming in the winter months, not the summer.
04/20/2014 ... wonderful experience. Just take it as it comes and try not to overthink it (as I found myself doing). All the pieces fit when I let go, relax and just be with the one in my arms...beautiful
12/09/2013 ... Small class size enabled a flawless learning environment with one on one training and individual attention. Extensive education in bodywork on land and in water, entire course packed with unlimited information and attention to detail. Opportunity to practice skill was available every day, and no questions went unanswered. There are no comments in the below "improvement to course suggestion box" below because there is absolutely NOTHING to improve, whether you stay for a weekend, a week, or entire month, it will be the best and most extensive education you will receive time and money wise. My emphasis on BEST AND MOST EXTENSIVE EDUCATION, Minakshi is the best of the best.
11/28/2013 ... Minakshi is an amazing instructor with an tremendous depth of knowledge, a wonderful ability to hold space and to instruct in a calm and encouraging manner. I loved the small group size, the cozy, comfortable on-site accommodation and the easy going atmosphere of the Florida keys. I felt very welcomed by Minakshi and her generous partner, Jim.
11/24/2013 ... definitely one of the best teachers of Watsu to learn from, and the small class environment makes it very special.
06/07/2013 ... I am already missing being in the water on a daily basis as well as having company for morning yoga! Watsu® I was a terrific experience for me, not only restoring some inner peace to my soul but offering me a wonderful new massage therapy to continue learning and practicing with. Thank you so very much for your teaching skill and providing such a lovely retreat to learn Watsu® in.
04/19/2013 ... Do it! As a massage therapist, it has helped open my eyes to more creativity in my work.
03/03/2013 ... This was a great refresher of the basics and body mechanics. I have been inspired to become a teacher through my time with Minakshi. Infinite gratitude!
05/11/2012 ... The course was excelent and so it is the location. The place is beautiful and very comfortable and ivites people to meditate and enjoy nature. Minakshi does her best to guide and assist each student
03/16/2012 ... If you are a slow learner, consider taking the Basic Watsu weekend beforehand.
04/27/2011 ... Just take your time... relax and don't stress on how to perfect the techniques. Also enjoy being in the moment, celebrate with your classmates/friends/teacher. The teacher is excellent with the pacing of the class and listens to the students. I am going to take Watsu II when I can with Minakshi again. The location is very conductive to learning and actually relaxing before learning new materials. She has a lot of materials (dvds and books) lying around for you to look at and learn. I loved the end where you do get a model who wants work done and you definitely get a feel for a body that not your classmates. It was a great learning tool.
03/11/2011 ... Minakshi's location is beautiful, low-key, relaxed -- a much welcome space for the intense work of any intensive course.
02/02/2011 ... One of the most positive learning experiences I have ever had. I often have a hard time keeping up in classes because of my dyslexia but Minakshi had the patience and style of teaching that even I could understand easily.
I loved the instructor, the assistant, the small class, the group meals, the beach, the ocean, the awesome accommodations and the instruction in the pool. The land class time I was a little skeptical about because it seemed like I had already gone over all that in my massage training but I was pleasantly surprised that it was presented in a fresh new way and that the communication skills spilled over into my personal life.
I recommend going to Minakshi's island paradise and not only learning watsu but taking a much needed vacation from the outside world.

03/19/2010 ... Minakshi is a wonderful teacher. Very patient and helpful, also very tuned in to the students. I highly recommend you study with her. Her location in Marathon Fla. is tranquil and scenic. A great environment considering watsu is about water.
12/11/2009 ... This was a fantastic class in a wonderful location/setting. The form was easy to learn and was paced well. It reminded me of the Trager Trainings I took years ago and how easy it was to learn.
11/06/2009 ... Excellent course. Nice structure of material for learning. Beautiful place to learn. Minakshi is a wonderful dear person and instructor.
05/09/2008 ... Minakshi spends a lot of time with each student. She works very hard to make sure we understand the moves. Her experience and respect for WATSU is very evident.
03/12/2008 ... Minakshi was so helpful, providing plenty of one on one and lots of helpful ways to remember.
02/01/2008 ... a wonderful experience.....I didnt know if i would take to GIVING the Watsu and learned that I most definitely would like to GIVE this to others
Just terrific.....warm, compassionate yet detached....such a relief! She let me process what came up by myself yet I felt she was available in a safe way to hear me....I know this first hand because my first WATSU was with Minakshi and I was crying like a baby, then laughing like a hyena and I felt safe to experience my feelings without having to reveal anything....again, such a relief.....thank you,
05/01/2005 ... This course provided me a perfect foundation for subsequent aquatic therapy courses. Minakshi used the time in the pool for demonstration, educational direction as well as guidance of how I can make the client feel nurtured in a professional manner. The time spent outside the water was greatly beneficial for providing instruction in professional marketing strategies for aquatic therapy, building emotional comfort and confidence in remaining ethical and professional with clients, and historical background information of Watsu, Fire and Water as well as WaterDance. The course was better than I had hoped and I learned more than I ever expected.