Eberhard Petschel

Shanti E. Petschel
I have professional backgrounds in Healing Pedagogy, as a trained artist in painting and music (drums, gongs, percussion), shamanic approaches of healing in nature, for more than 35 years.
I fell in love with Aquatic Bodywork twenty years ago, could`nt help, but went through more than 4000 hours of training in AB, it's therapeutic impulses and associated skills, which has led me to integrate the „Aquatic Bodywork “ on a cellular basis. For me practicing WATSU and WATA became life- enriching meditation and developed a strong sense of spiritual grounding in me.
Since early 1991 I have studied Watsu with Helen Schulz, Harold Dull, Elaine Marie, Arjana, Minakshi and Alexander George; my studies of WATERDANCE got me into lasting friendship and a professional cooperation with Arjana and Peter Schroeter, the founders of WATA. I am also a practitioner of IAT (Integrative Aquatic Therapy-David Sawyer, Annie Brook)
WATA, with it's prenatal implications, now is my favorite.
As a WABA-Instructor of WATSU and WATA, since 1993, I have taught more than 300 Seminars in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Iceland, Hawaii, India and Chile
This has enabled me to develop a very personal and unique view on how to support the opening of broadened perception, rich creativity and a space for feeling safe of my international students. I feel dedicated to the flow of deepened understanding, qualifying experience, fluent movement and widening vision. „...and if you can develop all that - immersed in a big portion of warm laughter and supportive humour, the „Flow of Here and Now“ will immediately be present...

for twenty years now I am also a Vision-Quest-Guide and
Out-door's -Teacher (School of Lost Borders, CA)
I am the Co-Founder of the German WABA-Institute (IAKA)
Teacher of: WATSU I & III, Waterdance I & II & III
"freelance" teacher I love to be invited to different countries....