2019 Oct 20-21 Basic Watsu for Athletes with Tomasz Zagorski in Krakow

This class is 25 hours Sunday - Monday in Krakow...

This is an introdcution to Watsu for Athletes Concept training. The course describes basic principles of athlete`s training, physiology of recovery, possibilities of application of Watsu in athletes`s training on any level. In water students learn how to work with specific to different sport disciplines bodies and use of ergonomics of their own work as well as principale of safety and quality of touch and movements.
Watsu for Athletes Concept is developed by Tomasz Zagorski, who used his 10 years experience in both: practical work with athletes including Olympic medalists level and scientifical research. It combines Evidence Based Medicine knowledge and commonly used but not researched well yet benefits of Watsu. This program is for people who work with athletes and want to add use of the healing power of warm water to their work.

Tomasz Zagorski

Tomasz Zagorski has an educational background as a physical education teacher and athletic coach. Additional education are sports therapy, different kinds of massage and manual therapy. He has opened his doctoral thesis concerning applications of Watsu among endurance athletes at Academy of Physical Education in Krakow. He is the owner of a leading massage company HandsOn which serving and teaching massage for many years. He works with top level athletes including several Olympic Champions and medalists as well as World Record holders. He is founder and president of Aquatic Therapy Development Association Watsu Polska which made a huge promotion of Watsu in press articles, internet, during presentations on SPA expos, in universities and clinics.
In teaching Tomasz Zagorski combine his passion for Watsu, academic knowledge and experience from years of work with many interesting people. "To give Students both: knowledge and skills for safe and effective work with clients and passion for this work such I have since my first course in 2000".
The main concern is safety and quality of touch and movements – the new approach for water work for better effectiveness and satisfaction from the work.
Tomasz is a former distance runner, he loves to travel, playing golf and skiing.