2019 Mar 10-15 HealingDance 1 with Inika Spence-Whaley in Kamuela

This class is 50 hours 11:30 Sunday - 6 pm Friday in Kamuela at Mauna Lani... Maximum number of students: 6 ... It is taught in English ... The tuition for this course is $750 ... Deposit required. Full refund until 2 weeks prior to class. ... Auditors repeat this course for $685 ... Hold a place with a deposit of $150 ...
inikasati@gmail.com Phone; 8087476916

Healing Dance I constitutes a paradigm shift for the student of aquatic bodywork. It sees the body as at home in the water and hydrodynamic in its form, healing in the flow of movement. It understands the psyche as needing not only nurture and closeness, but space, freedom and acceptance of self-expression, as well. More than anything else, Healing Dance I is the wave. In addition to seven full-body waves the sequence encompasses various circles, figure eights and releases, all balanced by the stillness of positional sanctuaries, and woven together with flowing transitions. The study of body mechanics extends beyond the familiar Horse and Warrior Stances to include different walking patterns that allow traveling across the pool. Healing Dance principles are discussed on land and practiced in the water. These include moving by example, creative imbalance, the rhythmic field and dosing movement. Finally, you are introduced to Relating and Mirroring, the goal of all technical study, the art of sensitively accompanying the movement impulses and unwinding of receivers. A written and photo manual are provided and a DVD of the sequence is made available.
Prerequisites: Watsu 1

Inika Spence-Whaley

I have been an aquatic bodyworker since 1996, working at Harbin Hot Springs as a Watsu®, WaterDance® and Healing Dance® practitioner. My classes are informed by my extensive work with clients from all walks of life. I am passionate about Aquatic Bodywork and bring that passion to my teaching. My knowledge of movement comes from yoga, tai chi, and dance and my knowledge of the water comes from swimming and playing with dolphins. My teaching style is very much like an aquatic bodywork session, easy and graceful in a flowing environment. I teach Watsu® I & II, Healing Dance® I & II, and the underwater Healing Dance courses: Above & Below and Shape & Space. I also teach Healing Dance 100 (Aquatic Basics and Healing Dance Essentials) for spa and clinic environments.

I spent 2 years as director of Harbin School of Healing Arts before it burned. I have since moved to the Big Island of Hawaii, working and teaching at Kalani Oceanside Retreat Center.

Mauna Lani

This pool has been in operation for many years as a warm water therapy pool for the Mauna Lani resort guests and local residents. The Mauna Lani is closed for renovations, scheduled to open in November, 2019. Until then we will be able to use it for Aquatic Bodywork classes. It is inside a "lava tube". Very unique design.

Feedback from students who have taken this class taught by Inika Spence-Whaley:

07/24/2017 ... SO much fun to learn new ways to move in the water and expand offerings. I strongly recommend learning Watsu basics first, as I believe it is a good foundation for exploring more motion and options of holding someone else. I also highly recommend learning Ai Chi as a way of learning how to hold your own body in a centered place in water prior to holding another body. In any case, it is all a beautiful process.
11/11/2014 ... Fantastic course. Recommend it to anyone who becomes smitten with the modality.
01/06/2013 ... It is a beautiful water modality and it is life changing.
11/21/2011 ... Great workshop and teachers made me be a happy camper.
08/21/2010 ... It's wonderful & Inika is an exquisite teacher!
06/03/2009 ... Aqua body work is very different from on land bodywork because the buoyancy and the techniques help open up our sensation to different level . And one could not imagine the differences only if they experience it.

When I practice in water, I have found the precious moment which is like dancing with a person who has trust in me. It is quite a challenge to be a good session giver because you need to be relaxed, skillful, trustful, confident and elegant.

One of my clients who used to be a dancer told me that she slept so well the day after session and she felt like dancing in the water. Moreover, the session helps reduce her low back pain.
06/20/2008 ... Inika - excellent dolphin buddha teacher, much checking in with group.
teachers even share the intimacy of the changing room with us
excellent assisting from Italian dancer from Maui
05/24/2007 ... Feel my body, heart and chest so much softer less achy and
waving thru the day, feel body waving thru all these
old tracks in town.
Laminated my pool notes at Kink0s and see the poetry
names of sections like little Haiku's
practiced all the waves, swings and pendulums sunday six times with 6 women letting moves come in wahtever order 30 minutes each. feels like beautiful dancing ~ my body this week in la into and outa car still soaring, waving soft ~~~ ache melted
12/03/2006 ... I love Healing Dance! The class is always fun, and it is such a valuable addition to anyone's repertoire of water classes. It is graceful and beautiful, and allows you to work with any type of body. I use healing dance in all my sessions, and without exception all my clients love it.
I really enjoy Inika's teaching style, very clear and concise, never rigid, but allowing for whatever comes up and working with it.
11/21/2006 ... As all water work Healing Dance is intense however, I found a lot of the movements and techniques learned more conducive to natural flow and also with less potential to injury - for both: practitioner and client!

Since I do like moving myself as a practitioner, Healing Dance does inhance that aspect of my practice and I've learned very valuable tools to incorporate more movement into my sessions. More flexibility, more individuality.

10/18/2002 ... Take it!