2019 Mar 8-10 Watsu 2 Integration with Karla Caspers in Chile

This class is 16 hours Friday - Sunday... It is taught in Spanish,English ... Contact: Carmen Luz ... Telephone callto:2 29358827 ...
watsufed@vtr.net Phone; callto:2 29358827

An opportunity to practice, adapt and further explore the forms learned in Watsu 2 and their effects on both giver and receiver. Focus on how to select moves to include with each person. 10 hours in water. When co-taught by an instructor of a related movement form (Tai Chi, Wave Dance, etc.) 4 of the hours on land will be spent in learning that movement form. Non-Watsu students in attendance to learn the movement form will be available as models.
Karla Caspers

Feedback from students who have taken this class taught by Karla Caspers:

03/08/2018 ... Totalmente recomendado.
03/07/2018 ... Ha sido un real privilegio desde el punto de vista teorico/profesional y emocional.
LLeno de grandes gratificaciones.
Supero mis espectativas personales.
recomendable totalmente.
Muchas gracias