2019 Jan 29-29 Watsu for newborns at home bath with Tatyana Penzina in Krasnodar

This class is 8 hours Tuesday - in Krasnodar... It is taught in Russian ... Contact: Penzina Tatyana ... Telephone +79817968576 ...
penzina_tatyana@bk.ru Phone; +79817968576

Tatyana Penzina

Feedback from students who have taken this class taught by Tatyana Penzina:

04/18/2018 ... Я бы сказала идти на этот курс не задумываясь! Таня очень хороший преподаватель, собеседник! Я в восторге!!!!!!
04/09/2018 ... A useful course. helps to understand and in the subsequent to inform parents of the benefits of soft techniques.