2019 Apr 16-21 Waterdance 1 with Arjana Brunschwiler in Clermont-Dessous France

This class is 50 hours Tuesday - Sunday in Clermont-Dessous France ...

Waterdance (or "Wassertanzen", the original German name) is a form of aquatic bodywork developed by Arjana Brunschwiler and Aman Schroter in 1987. Like Watsu, it begins with the client held in the practitioner's arms above the surface of the water, where the body is cradled, stretched, and relaxed. In Waterdance, the client is then given nose clips and gradually and gently taken entirely under the water. Once freed from the bounds of head support and gravity, the client's body can be moved, stretched, and worked in literally unlimited ways. Waterdance incorporates elements of massage, Aikido, dolphin and snake movements, rolls, somersaults, inversions, dance, and much more. The effects of this work include deep physical release and can induce deep states of relaxation, meditation, bliss, and even visions. A prerequisite for participating in Waterdance classes is that you have training in Watsu or other forms of above-surface aquatic bodywork, such as Jahara Technique.
In Waterdance 1 we explore the art of breath connection that enables you to establish a deep rapport with your clients, inspire their trust and offer the attentiveness that is necessary when bringing someone below the water's surface. You learn the Waterdance short form which includes learning to establish a rhythm that works with each client's breathing needs and to move all body types through the water with security, ease and graceful fluidity, giving the receiver a profound sense of freedom and joy.
Prerequisites: Watsu 1 or Watsu 100
Arjana Brunschwiler

Arjana Claudia Brunschwiler
Is the co-founder of WaterDance and imported WATSU® to Switzerland in the 1990s.
She is recognised by WABA (Worldwide Aquatic Bodywork Association, USA) and
IAKA (Institut für Aquatische Körperarbeit, Switzerland, Germany, Austria). In 1993 she created the IAKA Institute, a school dedicated to the art of aquatic touch and recognised worldwide for its aquatic bodywork techniques. In 1996 Arjana brought WATSU® to Belgium. Since then she teaches WATSU® and WATA worldwide.
In 2007 she started to facilitate dolphin trips in Egypt aimed at meeting free wild dolphins while practicing WATSU® and WATA in a natural environment.

Feedback from students who have taken this class taught by Arjana Brunschwiler:

03/04/2019 ... It is definitely worth it. We learned a whole set of basic moves, and by the end we were able to exchange beautiful sessions.
01/30/2019 ... Amazing experience!
01/23/2019 ... Arajana course session are very deep and I highly recommend because it is not only technical method but also a good work to know you deeper.
11/26/2018 ... Arjana has everything we need to learn at our one rythim...
03/22/2018 ... Lo recomiendo
Es además una experiencia enriquecedora
03/16/2018 ... I definately suggest warmly to visit this course for sure. I have learned very much and I gained so much knowledge and new ideas!
01/11/2018 ... Du lernst in dem Kurs weit mehr als die Technik des Wassertanzens. Die Prozessarbeit bietet dir die Gelegenheit dein Inneres aufzuräumen. Bei Meditationen lernst du dich selbst kennen und in der Arbeit mit deinen Kurspartnern erfährst du, was andere in ihrem Leben bewegt. Zuhören und Mitfühlen ist hier gefragt. Wer sich darauf einlässt, macht die Erfahrung sich selbst ganz zu fühlen und Teil einer Gruppe zu sein, in der Akzeptanz für die Erlebenswelt des anderen besteht.
12/12/2017 ... Do it, ist great.
09/28/2017 ... Very deep and interesting course
05/21/2017 ... Pratique sous l'eau qui ouvre plein de potentiels et plus de liberté au corps du receveur.
En complément du watsu.
07/19/2015 ... It's a wonderfull experience...
07/19/2015 ... Waterdance, as taught by Arjana, is not only about the accuracy of the technic, which is very important itself. It is about consciousness,communication, containing and supporting. and above all: how to share the love within in a way that will be accepted pure.

07/31/2014 ... it's been five weeks since i finished my waterdance course, and i still fined it very difficult to put this experience in words...

it won't be an exaggeration to say that this experience deeply effected my life.

after two amazing watsu courses with Hiday,
i had the privilege to take this waterdance1 course with Arjana, who is not only the waterdance inventor, but also a unique, truthfull and caring person,that gave all her self in those five days, and taught us not only the moves and skills of waterdance,
but also the deep essence of it.

i met amazing people,and even got to know my self a little bit better.

i will recommend this course to every one who wishes to make the step of diving deep into the water and into his soul.
i really believe it can benefit any person!

04/26/2014 ... it was a challenge for me
but it feels good that i went through my fear

it gives me more selfconfedience and a better breathing
04/25/2014 ... I have absolutely no doubt that anyone considering doing waterwork should follow Waterdance with Arjana. Simply observing a master in their trade is a blessing in itself.
05/19/2013 ... It is a very good course, and I think Arjana adds something special to this with all her knowledge and background.
05/06/2013 ... Very deep work on his own being, through "on land exercises", which opens, brings consciousness and sensitivity for a better technical learning. Thank you Arjana.
05/01/2013 ... A beautiful opportunity to deepen connection between body and mind in a safe and securing environment ... and much more ...
11/13/2011 ... I would say, that I really enjoyed it and got what I came for and much more that I didn't even dream of. Because it wasn't JUST technical knowledge that I got, but also provide plenty of space and opportunity to help me realize, integrate end strengthen inner stability, that is needed for me to give water sessions.
I also met an amazing group of people during the course and i think that a lot of the ease I experienced amongst us were also a result of the exercises we did.