2019 Feb 4-9 Watsu 2 with Georges Amir Kunzler in Esztergom

This class is 50 hours Monday - Saturday in Esztergom... It is taught in English, Hungarian ...

Expand each of the positions learned in the Transition Flow with additional moves and stretches. Learn how to adapt them to the one in your arms.

Learn what moves need to be repeated on both sides and what need only be done on one side, and how to best utilize the time this frees.

Incorporate work on the hara. Learn to individualize each session. Complete Watsu's standard form.

Georges Amir Kunzler

Feedback from students who have taken this class taught by Georges Amir Kunzler:

12/19/2016 ... Wonderful deeper aquatic body work
12/16/2016 ... Cours très intéressant et très varié, qui ouvre les possibilités du travail aquatique.
Georges donne des démonstrations très clairs et les supports de cours sont simples et faciles à utiliser.
04/13/2015 ... Watsu 2 is a Watsu 1 with more shiatsu and some new movements.
A big part is dedicated to the shiatsu philosophy and practices on land to explore and understand it in particular if shiastu is something new for you.
The new movements fit smoothly into the Watsu 1 flow chart.
11/27/2014 ... une belle semaine d'apprentissage précis et ludique facile à assimiler.