2019 Apr 12-14 Assistant Training professional applications with Mary Theri Thomas in San Diego

This class is 30 hours 8am Friday - 5pm Sunday in San Diego... The tuition for this course is $1195 ...
theri1@aol.com Phone; 858-581-2274

Mary Theri Thomas

Theri brings 35 years of teaching experience in many related fields to this work. She is an internationally renouned Holistic Health Practitioner and Instructor Trainer. The focus of class is balanced full spectrum presentation with emphasis on having a deeper connection by building a strong foundation of fundamentals and principles to draw from. The student can then easily integrate additional classes and explore self-discovery of the work. Theri is the only instructor in the world of 3 complete aquatic bodywork certification programs: AQUATHERICSsm, Watsu and Healing Dance. She is also a coach advisor training teachers at every level of the work. Theri is the only Instructor Trainer of multiple styles of work. Her own private practice is focused on medical patients with special needs. Through her practice and teaching she developed the AQUATHERICSsm program for professional applications of aquatic bodywork. Theri joined the Wave Academy as an instructor and practitioner from its inception and has since trained all their practitioners working with returning veterans diagnosed with PTSD. Theri is known for mentoring the facilitation of each individual's growth so every student has the opportunity to attains the personal goals they set for themselves in the work.

Feedback from students who have taken this class taught by Mary Theri Thomas:

09/14/2016 ... If you have a desire to teach this amazing work then please consider the Assistant training course with Theri. Her skills of the practical aspects of this work will keep you and the body in your arms safe from injury.
06/29/2011 ... The training course is announced like intensive. And it is it! Very rich also by its contributions and the challenges they cause.
03/01/2009 ... Theiri’s ATC course gave me the opportunity to analyze and understand on a deeper level the role, and the importance the assistant plays.

Theiri is a great communicator, is knowledgeable, highly experienced, has a great eye for detail and with a sense of humor.

I would highly recommend her class if you are considering to be an assistant, or simply wanting to learn more about the importance of body mechanics, body language, touch and movement.

Thank you Theiri! it was a delight learning and sharing with you.

06/25/2008 ... Unique!!! Helps you keep growing ,keep focusing, fine tunning, using every piece of advice in a positive approach for improvement!!! Evolving!!Fun and exciting to feel how we can keep learning if we really are looking forward to it,and fitting all that into the process of starting to change rolls from only being a student to starting into the teching approach!!! Teacher as usual is a unique person and professinal!! She sets the standards for what she does!!Movement awareness of herself and others makes her introduction of thechniques special and her feedbacks very useful and relistic!! truly an example for motivation on others to keep working in getting better!!
01/22/2008 ... Theri's course is high quality and valuable for sure.
I'm saying you can get more than you expected!
How can I forget the training course in your place!Never!
Very valuable and priceless training.
You are the teacher who can give students satisfaction 100%.I really respect your way of teaching,very professional.
03/06/2005 ... If you have reached this point in your studies of this art form you are seeking perfection and this instructor will aid you in that search in a superlative and positive fashion! It was absolutely delightful to be able to spend time with both this fantastically talented and open lady, as well as enjoying the quality of the other students. My compliments to the school for constantly improving its offering.