2019 Apr 1-5 Aquaternatives professional applications with Mary Theri Thomas Massage CEUs, San Diego, CA

This class is 50 hours 8am Monday - 5pm Friday in San Diego... It is taught in English ... The tuition for this course is $1195 ... Hold a place with a deposit of $195. ...
theri1@aol.com Phone; (858) 581-2274

AQUATERNATIVES® foundation is an introduction to or refinement of 4 approaches to aquatic bodywork. It is taught from the perspective of principles of the work and exercises to experience and learn those principles in the body rather than learning choreography. It is more of a discovery of something students invent and own and take with them because they are creating it in the moment rather than replicating someone else. Students learn to ask open-ended questions and find the intuitive solutions that are there all along. It does not matter whether you have ever experienced aquatic bodywork or are quite proficient in one style or another; everyone is starting on the same page at the beginning of what if. Begin by seeing the water through a whole new perspective. So whether students are looking to build a solid foundation and pick a favorite direction to pursue first or whether they refining what they have already learned, the student will leave with everything they came for and more.
This class will also offer an opportunity for students to receive their required supervision for Watsu certification
Mary Theri Thomas

Theri brings 35 years of teaching experience in many related fields to this work. She is an internationally renouned Holistic Health Practitioner and Instructor Trainer. The focus of class is balanced full spectrum presentation with emphasis on having a deeper connection by building a strong foundation of fundamentals and principles to draw from. The student can then easily integrate additional classes and explore self-discovery of the work. Theri is the only instructor in the world of 3 complete aquatic bodywork certification programs: AQUATHERICSsm, Watsu and Healing Dance. She is also a coach advisor training teachers at every level of the work. Theri is the only Instructor Trainer of multiple styles of work. Her own private practice is focused on medical patients with special needs. Through her practice and teaching she developed the AQUATHERICSsm program for professional applications of aquatic bodywork. Theri joined the Wave Academy as an instructor and practitioner from its inception and has since trained all their practitioners working with returning veterans diagnosed with PTSD. Theri is known for mentoring the facilitation of each individual's growth so every student has the opportunity to attains the personal goals they set for themselves in the work.

Feedback from students who have taken this class taught by Mary Theri Thomas:

02/27/2019 ... This class must in my checklist of watsu adventure. Very useful information.
11/07/2014 ... Its a beautiful class very helpful for therapeutic applications for your clients.
08/23/2012 ... Absolutely - Take it!!!
Theri Thomas is the best person for this class. the attention to details and the full support you will receive in this class is huge!. as a student you will learn so much about body mechanics and how to really support yourself and the receiver in the water!
05/19/2012 ... It provides an amazing base to start a practice of aquatic bodywork! The foundations are laid to take down any one of the many different modalities available to water work and Their is a wealth of knowledge.
05/19/2012 ... I would tell them it is very important to have a good relationship with yourself before trying to work with other people in the water. Connecting with someone else's body, mind, heart and breath in the water is a very intimate and special treat. Theri's methods of teaching worked perfectly with the group I was learning with and it actually healped with my allignment and opening up my heart that much more. I couldn't have asked for a better week during my training with Theri!
01/14/2012 ... It is must for proper body mechanics within aquatic bodywork. If longevity is one thing you want out of your career then Aquaternatives is for you!

Theri is a fantastic instructor with so much information to give.
01/14/2012 ... So much fun! very interesting, very efficient way to help clients letting go and relax.
11/16/2011 ... Even though it was the second time I took this class it felt like a fresh new class for me as Theri adjusts for each student's level. This "principles focus" class can save students thousands of dollars and hours before investing in a new direction. It should be a mandatory core class in my opinion.
04/11/2009 ... What can I say !!!always deeper into knowing my own to keep working in many ,many possible ways of improving my being in water to share with those that come for their own experience!!!
The class was a remind and refine of how important it is to know the foundation and principles of water ,but again with an endless way of keep asking yourself questions as what if??
07/15/2008 ... Just the fact of making every class a different experince in learning is awsome!!!
03/12/2008 ... The course was a great experience and an opportunity to explore techniques and different aspects of the water body work. I have enjoyed it as it suits me to face challenges not necessarily gradualy or by using routines, but more of to have the basis first and freely continue from there. It seems more of an "advanced" material, but again I have greatly enjoyed it.
01/25/2008 ... Keep working on foundation and presicion of all major aquatic bodywork principles!!! Stll base, adaptive tools, traveling base, underwater!!1
Ecellent!!! and very good for whoever wants to refine their work in any stile of aquatic bodywork!!!
Fabulous!!!! Great experience!!!!Learning and growing with each water class experience!!! Much of detail and technique presicion!! .Just excellent!!!!
11/10/2007 ... This class is very interesting since if you learn good foundations your mind won't forget.It is in a way muscular re-education and movement awareness.Breath connect has improve a lot since this class!! Presence!!!
AWsome teacher.Her technique teaching and flow of movement make this teacher one of a kind!!!