2019 Mar 28-Apr 1 Watsu 3 (Adapted) clinical applications & professional free flow with Mary Theri Thomas CEUs San Diego, CA

This class is 50 hours 8a.m. Thursday - 5p.m. Monday in San Diego... It is taught in English ... The tuition for this course is $1195 ... Auditors repeat this course for $850 ... Hold a place with a deposit of $195 ...
theri1@aol.com Phone; 858-581-2274

Watsu 3 is for people who have given enough Watsu sessions to develop a comfortable intuitive awareness of how to be with another person in the water and who are ready to further adapt and explore outside the form of Watsu 2. Powerful stretches and advanced techniques including work at the pool wall and on the steps are introduced. Rolls that require a spontaneous adaptation to the new positions they lead you into are presented as a gateway into "Free Flow" . The Adapted versions focuses on the application of Watsu to those with specific conditions.
Prerequisite: Watsu 2, completion of 20 practice sessions, and a recorded demonstration of mastery.

Mary Theri Thomas

Theri brings 35 years of teaching experience in many related fields to this work. She is an internationally renouned Holistic Health Practitioner and Instructor Trainer. The focus of class is balanced full spectrum presentation with emphasis on having a deeper connection by building a strong foundation of fundamentals and principles to draw from. The student can then easily integrate additional classes and explore self-discovery of the work. Theri is the only instructor in the world of 3 complete aquatic bodywork certification programs: AQUATHERICSsm, Watsu and Healing Dance. She is also a coach advisor training teachers at every level of the work. Theri is the only Instructor Trainer of multiple styles of work. Her own private practice is focused on medical patients with special needs. Through her practice and teaching she developed the AQUATHERICSsm program for professional applications of aquatic bodywork. Theri joined the Wave Academy as an instructor and practitioner from its inception and has since trained all their practitioners working with returning veterans diagnosed with PTSD. Theri is known for mentoring the facilitation of each individual's growth so every student has the opportunity to attains the personal goals they set for themselves in the work.

Feedback from students who have taken this class taught by Mary Theri Thomas:

07/27/2012 ... If you have the opportunity to take a class from Mary and Peggy, it's highly recommended! They both bring a lot of knowledge to the table and are absolute sweet hearts to boot! The group discussions were open and deep, with many great points reached.

The curriculum was super informative and the freedom to explore cemented what was presented even further! Thank you guys!!
07/26/2012 ... This is an incredibly amazing course for anyone interested in learning how to listen to and follow the body... any body. Peggy and Theri are both very gifted instructors with a wealth of knowledge and experience. They are expert guides and are full of very useful information about myriad conditions, challenges, diseases, diagnoses, etc. which our clients may and do present with. I learned so much about various situations that people live with and walked away with the confidence to be able to effectively work in the water with them. Every person has special needs, and it's our challenge to meet and join them where they are, listen to what their bodymindspirit is asking for, and support them in getting that... WIII Adapted is the course which really landed this for me! I felt a deep calling which reminded me why I got into aquatic bodywork. This course should be required!