2019 Feb 28-Mar 1 Basic Watsu with Carolyn Crawford in New Plymouth

This class is 16 hours 8am Thursday - 5pm Friday in New Plymouth... It is taught in English ... The tuition for this course is NZ$350 ... Hold a place with a deposit of NZ$200 ... Contact: Carolyn Crawford ... Telephone 67539331 ...
c.j.crawford@xtra.co.nz Phone; 67539331
39 McGiven Drive, RD1

Learn how the getting lighter of the one in your arms each time they breathe in, engages your own breathing from a deep level, and establishes the rhythm of the moves and stretches to come. Learn how floating someone at your heart draws you into a continuum, a moving as water, and a profound stillness. Learn the moves that open every Watsu session around the world. Done on both sides and complete in itself, this unconditional bodywork can be returned to again and again without ever exhausting its potential.
Carolyn Crawford

Feedback from students who have taken this class taught by Carolyn Crawford:

12/18/2017 ... It was a really well run and interesting course with a lot of detail
04/01/2016 ... This course has enhanced my conectivity to heart enerfy, it is an amazing therapy that is nurturing, safe and has the wow factor. Experience it and allow yourself to completely immerse youraelf in giving and receiving,
12/22/2014 ... Well organised. Wonderful knowledgable, skilled, friendly and caring instructor. Good value and excellent pool and facilities.
10/09/2012 ... This was a very well run course with a great balance between in the pool time and on the land theory. It was fun. I have come away from it with a nice flowing sequence that I am able to work with on clients straight away. I also had some lovely experiences of receiving the watsu work. Carolyn is an excellent facilitator who made me feel comfortable learning even through the pieces that I felt challenged by. Thank you, Suds
02/26/2012 ... I have retained a deep appreciation and sense of well being on completing the Basic Watsu course and would recommend it to any other student keen to work in water. i am confident that any future trainee of Watsu will have a similar experience. Carolyn's teaching including her demonstrations, one on one tutoring, land and water activities, targeted key concepts of Watsu. It all helped to understand the philosophy behind the practice as well as learning the moves.

11/10/2007 ... I recently completed Watsu Basics and am finding a real conection with the water. I currently practice my Watsu technique on freinds and family and they are reaping the benefits. I love Watsu and will continue to learn more hopefully in the coming year. I highly recommend learning about Watsu a beautiful gift of giving.
Thankyou Carolyn, I found your teaching to be easily relatable and am benefiting from Wastu.
02/02/2003 ... I experienced my first Watsu treatment 3 month ago.
It was an experience what touched me very deep , deep relaxation and I was able to get to my "core", so healing on many levels.
I felt that it would be wonderful to give that to other people.
Watsu intro , I enjoyed, sharing with people this wonderful healing art.
very well organised by Carolyn Crawford in a very professional way.
I am very grateful to go further to Watsu I and to get the opportunity to do so in this beautiful country New Zealand