2019 Apr 1-6 Watsu 3 DOM required prior to class with Mary Seamster in La Center near Portland

This class is 50 hours 5PM Monday - 4 PM Saturday in La Center near Portland... Maximum number of students: 10 ... The tuition for this course is $900 ... Auditors repeat this course for $500 ...
maryseamster@earthlink.net Phone; 3602632119

Watsu 3 is for people who have given enough Watsu sessions to develop a comfortable intuitive awareness of how to be with another person in the water and who are ready to further adapt and explore outside the form of Watsu 2. Powerful stretches and advanced techniques including work at the pool wall and on the steps are introduced. Rolls that require a spontaneous adaptation to the new positions they lead you into are presented as a gateway into "Free Flow" .
Prerequisite: Watsu 2, completion of 20 practice sessions, and a recorded demonstration of mastery.

Mary Seamster

Mary, in the late 70's, began her life long exploration of the correlation between mind, body and spirit. In her Water classes she incorporates her years of study in: martial arts, massage, energetic healing, Hakomi practice, group dynamics, and in the last 18 years, Pre and Perinatal Psychology. She has completed a two year land based Prenatal Training with Ray Castellino DC well as David Sawyer’s water based Integrative Aquatic Therapy. Mary's life ambition is to never stop learning; she finished her two year study of Biodynamic Cranial Sacral with Anna and John Chitty. She has been teaching Watsu® these last 17 years in private settings as well as in hospitals and PT pools. Students comment on her: passion for the work, attention to detail, body mechanics, warmth and sense of humor. When you come to her class expect plenty of personal attention.

Feedback from students who have taken this class taught by Mary Seamster:

10/16/2018 ... It is great to float clients with a variety of conditions such as MS, and Parkinson's. Mary is a seasoned practitioner who not only generously share her experience with us, but also provide practicum with these clients!
05/16/2018 ... It was really fun and a perfect pace for learning new moves but not too fast to feel overwhelmed.