2019 Mar 25-30 Watsu 2 For those with a license to touch with Mary Seamster in La Center near Portland

This class is 50 hours 5PM Monday - 3:00 p.m. Saturday in La Center near Portland... Maximum number of students: 10 ... It is taught in English ... The tuition for this course is $800 ... $50 off the class fee if more than one person comes from a clinic, or are a couple. ... Auditors repeat this course for $450 ...
maryseamster@earthlink.net Phone; 3602632119

Expand each of the positions learned in the Transition Flow with additional moves and stretches. Learn how to adapt them to the one in your arms.

Learn what moves need to be repeated on both sides and what need only be done on one side, and how to best utilize the time this frees.

Incorporate work on the hara. Learn to individualize each session. Complete Watsu's standard form.

Mary Seamster

Mary, in the late 70's, began her life long exploration of the correlation between mind, body and spirit. In her Water classes she incorporates her years of study in: martial arts, massage, energetic healing, Hakomi practice, group dynamics, and in the last 18 years, Pre and Perinatal Psychology. She has completed a two year land based Prenatal Training with Ray Castellino DC well as David Sawyer’s water based Integrative Aquatic Therapy. Mary's life ambition is to never stop learning; she finished her two year study of Biodynamic Cranial Sacral with Anna and John Chitty. She has been teaching Watsu® these last 17 years in private settings as well as in hospitals and PT pools. Students comment on her: passion for the work, attention to detail, body mechanics, warmth and sense of humor. When you come to her class expect plenty of personal attention.

Feedback from students who have taken this class taught by Mary Seamster:

10/21/2017 ... Mary is an excellent and attentive instructor. I would highly recommend this course
06/03/2017 ... I would say this class was amazing and these Teachers are Highly Skilled in Their Practice.
06/25/2014 ... very worthwhile to continue to WATSU 2. Confidence in yourself increases, Mary is able to encourage the best out of a person.
06/10/2014 ... Mary is a wonderful instructor and has a way of making the transition from Watsu 1 to Watsu 2 seamless. I am so fortunate to have the experience from Whitestone and look forward to learning more from Mary.
12/02/2013 ... Mary Seamster is a master teacher....extremely knowledgeable, skilled, intuitive, generous, kind, and fun. If you are considering taking the class, take it. You will thank yourself for doing so.
06/06/2013 ... This is the best money I have ever spent on a class! Mary has a great pool and living area for the students. I plan on taking many more classes with her and know any instructor she brings in will be world class.
06/05/2013 ... I would say. If your interested in helping people and like the water. This is the class for you!!
Mary is a awesome teacher, she takes The time and explains Things very well! She has you practing with each other and having fun while I your learning!! I have been doing massage and other modalities for 15 years and watsu is truly a joy and a wonder!! I am going to have a difficult time doing regular massage now!! Enjoy!!
11/01/2012 ... An amazing experience. Adding the knowledge of the shiatsu points/meridians to the beauty of the Watsu form makes it that much more powerful. Mary Seamster seamlessly encourages individual growth, skill acquisition and learning in a gorgeous, supportive environment.
10/30/2012 ... I would say, "Take it"! It's an amazing course and Mary is an outstanding instructor. "You won't be disappointed"!
10/30/2012 ... I thought the professional, yet friendly approach that Mary brought to the course was amazing. Alot of information to be learned, but it was easily remembered with the fun approach that Mary instilled in our group. We all bring our particular talents to the profession, and Mary's is definitely teaching! She was able to help us even better realize our own talents. A wonderful class!
10/27/2010 ... I have learned a lot in Watsu 2. Not only about myself as a practitioner in progress but about the proper body mechanics & the flow of movement in the water & on land. I have more tools added to incorporate a more fluid,flowing, relaxing session. Mary was great at staying on task as well as making the learning memorable. Thanks Mary!
10/27/2010 ... wonderful learning experience, great environment and accommodations; the instructor and assistant were very knowledgeable, sensitive to different learning styles, supportive throughout the class and have so much passion for this work