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Combine moves that open one-on-one Watsu sessions around the world with those that culminate Tandem Watsu (two watsuing a third).
In this course there are two four hour modules. In the first explore how changes in the weight of the one in your arms in water, engages your breath and establishes the connection that deepens through moves timed to that breath.

In the second expand the first and explore how, once you are connected through the breath-timed moves, your flow within joins the flow within the one in your arms, and, together become an ocean.

Each four hour module has at least three hours in the water and is complete in itself.. Your turn in each round concludes with the powerful holds and stretches of Tandem Watsu.
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Diane Feingold

Lic. Therapist and Instructor of Basic Watsu®, New Basic Watsu®, Tantsu-Yoga Flower Rounds

WRT Water Release Therapy® Sessions and WRT Water Release Therapy® 'Provider' Trainings and Certification.

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Diane's sensitivity toward various learning styles offers the student a supportive, compassionate and joyful learning environment.