2019 May 1-5 Fire and Water with Shinzo Fujimaki in Madrid

This class is 50 hours Wednesday - Sunday in Madrid...

This course offers a clear, coherent, and most importantly, applicable base of knowledge to participants.Whether students are new to Watsu®, and/or bodywork, or have been practicing for years, the information taught is invaluable. Shinzo teaches Shiatsu I, II and III on land and Minakshi teaches Watsu® I, II and III. Fire and Water is a collaboration designed to enhance both Shiatsu & Watsu. With Minakshi's grace and skill in the water, combined with Shinzo's fire and profound knowledge of shiatsu, this course is sure to be enlightening, enlivening, and enriching beyond measure. Fire and Water is taught half on land, half in the water. On land, students are introduced to concepts of oriental Shiatsu. The course introduces ways to use meridians and points that are only available in the water. Students will learn how to touch and enjoy being in the water.

Class Materials: Intermediate & Advanced Acupressure Course Booklet by Wendy Warren & Michael Reed Gach. The course content is also supported with a video and online teaching manual.
Shinzo Fujimaki

Shinzo Fujimaki, MS, BS, Cert. Shiatsu instructor, has been teaching Shiatsu at the School of Shiatsu and Massage since 1992 and at several massage schools in Hawaii. He was born in Japan and learned the art of Shiatsu at an early age, massaging members of his family. He demonstrated a gift for healing, and thus his path of study and career. Shinzo is also a longtime student of Aikido, and he has integrated the discipline, training, and philosophy of Aikido into his Shiatsu practice - creating a rich and full healing experience within the context of massage. His continuing education in Oriental medicine also includes the study of acupuncture and therapeutic herbs. Shinzo likes to describe himself as 'all fire', and his deep spirit and sizzling passion fill every class with meaning, power and humor.

Feedback from students who have taken this class taught by Shinzo Fujimaki:

04/06/2007 ... This is a wonderful class, got to take what I learned in Shiatsu 1 and 2 into the water. I loved giving as well as receiving this free form. While taking Watsu I always wanted to know more or why we held this point or that. Now I know!
Thanks Shinzo, you are a wonderful teacher