2018 Mar 5-6 Basic Watsu with Krzysztof Milkowski in Katowice

This class is 16 hours Monday - Tuesday in Katowice...

Learn how the getting lighter of the one in your arms each time they breathe in, engages your own breathing from a deep level, and establishes the rhythm of the moves and stretches to come. Learn how floating someone at your heart draws you into a continuum, a moving as water, and a profound stillness. Learn the moves that open every Watsu session around the world. Done on both sides and complete in itself, this unconditional bodywork can be returned to again and again without ever exhausting its potential.

Krzysztof Milkowski

Feedback from students who have taken this class taught by Krzysztof Milkowski:

02/05/2018 ... Bardzo dobry kurs prowadzony w miłej atmosferze. Przekazywanie wiedzy na najwyższym poziomie.
01/12/2017 ... Very good course. A large dose of knowledge.