2018 Mar 19-24 Watsu 3 with Harold Dull and Natalia Chaverri Madden in Costa Rica, Hotel El Tucano Resort & Thermal Spa

This class is 50 hours 3pm (you can arrive before and have lunch and check in at the hotel) Monday - 3pm Saturday in San Jose... Maximum number of students: 16 ... It is taught in English with Spanish translation if needed ... The tuition for this course is 1200 ... This fee includes: 6 days, 5 nights accommodation in double occupancy room, full board meals, (starting from lunch on the 1st) coffee breaks and Watsu 3 DVD. All at the El Tucano Resort & Thermal Spa in San Carlos (About 2.5 hours from SJO) we can help you arrange the transportation to get there. ... Auditors repeat this course for 950 ... Contact: Natalia Chaverri ... Telephone + 506 8860-7342 ...

Watsu 3 is for people who have given enough Watsu sessions to develop a comfortable intuitive awareness of how to be with another person in the water and who are ready to further adapt and explore outside the form of Watsu 2. Powerful stretches and advanced techniques including work at the pool wall and on the steps are introduced. Rolls that require a spontaneous adaptation to the new positions they lead you into are presented as a gateway into "Free Flow" .
Prerequisite: Watsu 2, completion of 20 practice sessions, and a recorded demonstration of mastery.

Harold Dull

Harold Dull is the the creator of Watsu®, Tantsu® and the Worldwide Aquatic Bodywork Registry which stores the transcripts of students around the world. Harold trained with the creator of Zen Shiatsu in Japan, Shizuto Masunaga, and the teachers who brought Zen Shiatsu to America, Reuho Yamada and Wataru Ohashi. The profundity and effectiveness of the bodywork forms he has created reflect his passionate practice and deep understanding of energy and the body; the creativity of these forms reflects his background as a poet in the San Francisco Renaissance. His three Watsu books, a new Tantsu book and a collection of his poetry as well as several of his DVDs are available. Harold speaks several languages,which helps him teach his work all over the world. He has been awarded by Water Fitness and Aquatic Therapy associations. Once he completed developing the forms needed in clinics and spas around the world, Harold turned his attention to developing complementary paths that can make Watsu and Tantsu's potential for connection and the creative engagement of our life force universally available, a new humanism in which everybody can float or hold each other without intention.

Natalia Chaverri Madden

Holistic Balance Instructor, Licensed Physical Therapist, Yoga Teacher and Watsu Instructor. (Watsu Basic and Watsu 1 & 2). Nati has been involved in yoga, bodywork and healing Arts since 1999. Since 2005 she has been providing Professional Watsu Sessions and other related Water and Land Therapies. Regularly she travels to different places around the world to learn more about and teach Watsu and other beautiful healing modalities. She founded Watsu Costa Rica in the year 2006 and is working together with other instructors to develop Latin American Watsu Institute.

Feedback from students who have taken this class taught by Harold Dull:

05/17/2017 ... If you get the chance to do this course with Harold, please GO! It is a beautiful opportunity to really get a sense of what this whole Watsu thing is all about - and a chance to ask questions and get the answers right from the source.
04/06/2017 ... Super recomendado! la experiencia del free flow de watsu 3 ayuda a integrar todos los cursos anteriores y te muestra todas las posibilidades del trabajo corporal acuatico.
11/17/2016 ... It should be mandatory for each Watsu students to meet Harold at list once. After so many years that I'm been working with him, still fascinating by his creativity.
10/17/2016 ... la base del free flow
10/17/2016 ... Magic, a MUST
09/08/2016 ... It was magical to be in the presence and the arms of such brilliant knowledge and grace... Worth everything.
10/21/2015 ... Ofcourse! Its a must! Not only becouse of WATSU , its just a beatifull meeting, very inspiring.
A really nice part of it was to see Calias with Harold . It created a great WAtsu Family atmosphere.

The course itself was made in such a way that the students got a lot of s[ace for self movemnt discovery which was great!
09/30/2015 ... Amazing, that best option as possible, two Guru of Watsu, two fantastic teachers who complements each other.
09/22/2015 ... Amazing! full of suprizingly new steps or technique Being offered to students in a very clear and easy way. Full of practise that can help you improve your quality of watsu session in a few days. This class ushered a new era for watsu in Turkey.
09/22/2015 ... I will say it was a really special Expirience ,and made me a totally different therapist.
03/09/2015 ... Finish the walk of Watsu conducting training with the Watsu Course III and fundamental to appropriate technique. Being in touch with the creator of the technique and a single moment. Take this course when you get a chance. hugs
02/17/2015 ... It was a good course.
11/21/2014 ... Good stretches for martial arts practitioners. Licence to free flow is also a nice bonus.
11/21/2014 ... I would recommend paricipation in courses with H.Dull and T. Zagorski.
12/01/2013 ... It's not only a new level of skills, it's your precious time to learn&imbibe how to be with the Other.
02/24/2013 ... The course provides you with important tools for working with patients in the aquatic environment, therefore, I recommend that you can do the course without hesitation.
02/10/2013 ... It´s worth taking the course, not only to learn the skills of the technique but to have the experience of recieving watsu has part of the trainning. With Watsu you can have in introspection were feelings arises and a deep connection is stablishes with the client and a fluid creative moves are aloud within the practice.
02/01/2013 ... Es un muy buen curso, no me arrepiento de haberlo hecho, le abre a uno la cabeza, se disfruta mucho en el transcurso del mismo. Una muy linda experiencia
01/31/2013 ... It is a different experience, where you discover the truly meaning of Watsu, the way to following through water over body person. It prepares you to create and estimulate your integration between water and tensions.
01/30/2013 ... Es una gran oportunidad poder aprender directamente de Haroll, para sentir la escencia del Watsu, la cualidad de los moviemientos y la maniobras.
En watsu 3 se comprende el watsu de otra forma mas profunda... despsues de la estrcutura y las tecnicas de watsu 1 y 2 en el nivel 3 te da confianza para fluir y escuchar , sentir o leer el cuerpo del receptor y que la secion siga al cuerpo del que recibe.
01/29/2013 ... descubriras la escencia de WATSU en este curso
01/29/2013 ... El curso fue completo, adquiriendo mucha mejor calidad en las tomas, tracciones, puntos de apoyo y demas. Reforzando Watsu 1 y 2, e incorporando nuevos movimientos para el trabajo diario.
01/28/2013 ... Magnifico. Os Instrutores foram otimos e presentes full time. Quem escolheu o caminho do Watsu, nao tem como evitar as atualizacoes e treinos. O grupo e a limpeza dos movimentos e vital para o progresso pessoal.
01/18/2013 ... Simplesmente perfeito. O Harold e Mauricio passa muita tranquilidade para todos. O watsu mudou a minha vida.
01/18/2013 ... Curso de bastante interesse aos praticantes e amantes de atividades aquaticas, bem como auxilia a aprimorar sua manualidade, técnica do watsu e expande a uma nova realidade do Watsu.
10/11/2011 ... It was absolutely amazing! I took back to my home the feeling of connection with everyone... Thank you Harold and others!
09/24/2011 ... A really great course which builds gentle on skills/ moves learned in watsu 2.

Great pool and land class centre and lovely site for the course - open and green.

Very varied weather sun, rain, sun , rain be prepared.

If you don't eat much meat go veggie - poland is a meaty place.

Take polish currency - the site is very remote they don't take euros in local shops.

09/22/2011 ... Unforgettable...
03/23/2011 ...
I would definitely promote this course to students in the aquatic bodywork field. I would say that Watsu 3 is a natural progression in the watsu journey. Watsu 3 is an opportunity to explore the flow-the connection between oneself and the receiver in a spontaneous and authentic manner. It is also challenging in the sense that you pull from what you know from Watsu 1 & 2 to create new ways of being with the receiver. With Watsu 3 you also learn more techniques that increase the intensity of the flow.

01/24/2011 ... Acho que é uma experiência pessoal única e uma experiência profissional como watsu terapeuta indispensável para entender a essência do watsu e desenvolver as habilidades necessárias para realizar um verdadeiro watsu, com amor incondicional, presença e respeito pelo ser humano.
03/20/2010 ... Watsu 3 is wonderful.. after Watsu 1 and 2 there were many rules, many things to remember.. but after Watsu 3 there are no rules.. everything is freeFlow..
10/14/2009 ... E' il corso fondamentale per entrare nell'essenza del Watsu. Una grande esperienza grazie al confronto diretto con Harold e al supporto degli altri istruttori.
Dopo aver partecipato a questa classe mi sono reso conto di essere finalmente entrato in contatto con il Watsu.
10/22/2008 ... provalo-----
09/02/2007 ... This course is essential. I was able to let go of structure and flow on all levels, emotional, physical, spiritual, mental, dimemensional...
The teachings are teachings of perception and possibility rather than routines and static positionings. If you stopped your training at Watsu 2, I urge you to continue on.
What's inside WATSU 3?
I imagine it like making a meal. The staples are shelved and on hand but the final dish is to be one to please all the senses, so I use a fresh perspective, I think in terms of flavor, scent, appearance, color, textures. Watsu 3 asked of me to draw on WASTU 1 and 2 as my staples. I learned how to gather new spices and flow with the receiver as new flavors unlocked within our creation.
I returned home to hold a Dear one in the essence I carried away from Mary's sacred water and your teachings. He responded in tears of gratitude and said he felt the depth I attained that week.
Thank you for being and thank you for the opportunity to have met you and felt you. I do believe there is a transmission that takes place in the presence of the teacher, perhaps one portal is the retina/optic nerve. Thank you for looking me in the eye. Thank you for your love. Thanks for hanging in there as uncomfortable as it was to be upon a pedestal of coral and gems. Peace to you and your family on your travels as you enliven all those who are honored to have you present.
I look forward to being in a class of yours again. I promise not to hoist you upon a pedestal. Well, I'll try anyway.
09/01/2007 ... I very highly recommend taking Watsu 3. The class gave me the opportunity to break free from the formality of the form and let the moves emerge from an interaction between myself and the client. Taking the class from Harold allowed me to see what deeply centered work looks and feels like. I saw clearly the movement from stilllness building to action and back to stillness. The class deepened my appreciation for the stillness and centering.
What can I say - Harold you're all heart - it was a beautiful class - I was taken to a new level of "centeredness" with Watsu....now to practice the rolls and moves till they emerge without my having to "think" them through. Having Mary as you're assistant was wonderful. Her ability to simply hold the space for the class to unfold was awesome. And, it's always a pleasure to be in Mary's pool! I really recieved a deeper appreciation of Watsu. Thank you Harold. It was a honor to take WIII from you -
12/05/2004 ... Water means a lot to me. I especially love warm water and warm oceans, born as I was on tropical Northeast of Brazil beside the warm South Atlantic Ocean. My work has always been related to water. I studied marine biology and then did research in Brazil and Canada on the behaviour of marine mammals (dolphins, whales and seals). When I moved from Canada to Austria I found myself in a land-locked country and far from what I called my natural “habitat”. As a result I went through a period of deep depression and discontent. I felt completely disconnected and out of place.
Watsu brought me back to my-self and gave me a feeling of being “home” wherever I am.
The first time I saw someone being watsued in a pool near St.Gallen I was amazed at the quietness and freedom of the movements.
When I started my courses in Austria I had no idea of the healing effect it would bring to my life. After reading Harold Dull’s Freeing the body in water I knew I was on the right way to freeing myself in the process of giving and receiving that is a part of watsu.
I have attended courses in Austria and Germany, exploring the different schools, theories and practicses, taking the best I could out from everything to help myself and others. When I heard that Harold Dull was coming to Switzerland to teach Watsu III, I immediately registered for the course. Another dream was about to come true! I had heard from my instructors about Harold Dull and his work; I had read his book; I had visited the WABA homepage many times, but to know that I would soon be able to attend his course and maybe take part in the demonstration sessions was overwhelming!
The course was in Leukerbad and I fell in love with the place at the first sight. The combination of mountains and warm water was pure magic. Working together, Harold and Arjana assisted by Werner and Markus formed a harmonious and integrated team.
Harold asked us to start the course as a newcomer and for me that was the key word. Listening to his calm voice helped me to calm and centre myself. Every day I learned something new, details that sometimes made a strong impact, new borderlines for my body and always the feeling that whatever happened I am all right. Another important thing, I have to stress, was the attitude of the group. Even though we all spoke different languages and dialects, we understood and shared a lot with each other. I am very thankful for the wonderful people I met during this course. I want to thank all of you who shared such special moments with me. Special thanks for Harold Dull. He really inspired me to free myself in water.
10/31/2004 ... t was beautiful, we had a nice time and we learn so much. it was compleet.