2019 May 17-Jun 1 Waterdance Fundamentals with Ilya Pogreb in Giv'ot Bar

This class is 50 hours Friday - Saturday in Giv'ot Bar... Maximum number of students: 10 ... It is taught in Hebrew, English ...
akvalibrium@gmail.com Phone; +972-54-7108097

These 5 days class is both a water and land-based path to prepare those new to the water as well as for those who already have Aquatic Bodywork experience (Watsu, Jahara and others...). The Fundamentals of WaterDance are presented in a way that students have time to explore and embody what they are learning. It encourages participants to be with the body, the mind, the emotions and the breath (of oneself and the other), fully awake and aware to all that stems from the stillness within. Students are invited to experience that it is natural to connect with another, to engender trust and to establish the necessary breath connection for submerging.

With these fundamentals, students will be ready to continue on and eager to learn the moves of WaterDance 1.

WaterDance Fundamentals serves as prerequisite for WaterDance I. But it can also be attended like a spiritual growth and self–discovery workshop.

Ilya Pogreb