2019 Dec 17-22 Watsu 2 with Gianni De Stefani and Anat Juran in Perth

This class is 50 hours Tuesday - Sunday in Perth... The tuition for this course is AU$1350 ... Contact: Anat Juran ... Telephone +61408905476 ...
aquanat@bigpond.net.au Phone; +61408905476

Expand each of the positions learned in the Transition Flow with additional moves and stretches. Learn how to adapt them to the one in your arms.

Learn what moves need to be repeated on both sides and what need only be done on one side, and how to best utilize the time this frees.

Incorporate work on the hara. Learn to individualize each session. Complete Watsu's standard form.

Gianni De Stefani

Anat Juran

Since my early twenties I’ve been practicing and teaching aquatics, mostly from my own pool and with the freedom to give it my personal touch. I have a 15 years experience as a competitive swimming coach, a massage therapist and a manager of aquatic centers.
I have been involved with many different techniques and aquatic hydrotherapies modalities which have been incorporated into my work with babies, children and with special need infants. When I heard about watsu I was enthusiastic to learn a new modality. Little did I know how this would change my life…
As a watsu practitioner and a teacher I’m blessed to do the work that I love, meet inspiring people and be able to share it with them.

In my sessions and teaching I combine all my aquatic experiences.
Having a special pool that was designed to hold all my programs, my aim is to distribute and familiarise aquatic body work to the wider community so it can be used in all aspects of rehabilitations, self wellbeing, and aquatic integration

Feedback from students who have taken this class taught by Gianni De Stefani:

09/18/2018 ... Lo raccomanderei senz'altro.
Ottima la progressione rispetto al percorso già fatto e questo corso, soddisfatti i prerequisiti di somministrazione, è perfetto per il prosieguo nella Maestria
12/10/2017 ... Un apprentissage en douceur en fluide, très agréable.
04/17/2017 ... cours très enrichissant, le refère m'a permis de capter toutes les subtilités! J'aime beaucoup ma facon denseigner de ces 2 enseignants. refère chaque matin la séquence là où l'on s'est arrêté la veille et la partie laboratoire pour affiner et ajuster son geste son mouvement.
04/17/2017 ... Très bonne pédagogie. Des formateurs qui maitrise leur sujet.
Le cour est très riche et très technique et les formateurs arrivent à faire passer les connaissances en douceur...
03/24/2016 ... I first took Watsu 2 in 1998 and then audited it in 1999 both times with Harold. That's nearly 16 years ago during which I continued to take aquatic bodywork courses and to practice in many different settings. Now, as Head of Aqua at a new wellness retreat in India, I am endeavoring to uphold the educational value of WABA and the integrity of Watsu, so it was important for me to see that in action. To audit this crucial mainly techniques course (Watsu 2) again with senior instructor Gianni was a great gift: I recommend it to all who have been in practice for some time and especially those who name Watsu as one of their offerings. The course has renewed my appreciation for the technicalities of Watsu specifically. As some moves have been eliminated or changed for good reasons over time and as I have inevitably adapted others, it was an excellent opportunity to review and revise. My practice will surely be enhanced by skillful rendition of the intent so carefully developed by Harold and his teachers. I also admired Gianni's ability to teach these challenging details to novice students (already inspired by the connection and flow of Watsu 2) with great firmness and presence, providing a powerful demonstration of the standards that WABA sets. This particular group of students coped with it all impressively and showed great maturity and group cohesion too.
09/08/2015 ... It is a great course. Very clear and very structured.
The teaching method of Gianni made it possible for me to learn a lot in a small amount of time.
01/21/2015 ... let's go !!
10/25/2014 ... Thankful, helpful and great experince and unrolling of my skills. Thanks to Gianni, instructors and all my fellow students.
05/09/2014 ... This course is building on the learnings of watsu 1 and extending its use towards streching and elongating, using shiatzu massage elements.
05/08/2014 ... it was worth taking it :) I love it!
10/14/2013 ... was a useful course to fill my gaps and improve the weak points
02/23/2011 ... Definitely have Watsu 1 down pat and be ready to learn quite a bit more technically than in Watsu 1.
08/21/2010 ... This course was amazing. After the course it was very hard to return to the "real life".
01/12/2008 ... Grazie Gianni della tua bellissima presenza, ciao a presto
01/12/2008 ... istruttore bravissimo.. unisce la precisione e la chiarezza all'accoglienza.. sotto la sua guida mi sento sempre sostenuta e seguita nei miei bisogni.. nei miei dubbi e nelle mie incertezze