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Introduction to Healing Dance® is a 16 hour weekend course designed for entry level students of aquatic bodywork. The history, principles and applications of Healing Dance are covered on land, as well as terminology, communication, and the anatomy related to support of the head and pelvis. In the water, you will be given a direct experience of Healing Dance through receiving a mini-session. There the fundamentals of aquatic technique are taught, including how to sense the weight and breath of the receiver, knowing where to support, how to traction, how to be grounded in the stances that we stand in and how to bring our partner into flow with weight shifts and traveling steps. A simple practice sequence is learned with a clear beginning and finish that is the perfect preparation for taking Healing Dance I. You will discover how natural it is to share aquatic bodywork and how it can open a new dimension in relating. A written and photo manual are provided and a DVD and MP4 of the sequence are made available.
Anat Juran

Since my early twenties I’ve been practicing and teaching aquatics, mostly from my own pool and with the freedom to give it my personal touch. I have a 15 years experience as a competitive swimming coach, a massage therapist and a manager of aquatic centers.
I have been involved with many different techniques and aquatic hydrotherapies modalities which have been incorporated into my work with babies, children and with special need infants. When I heard about watsu I was enthusiastic to learn a new modality. Little did I know how this would change my life…
As a watsu practitioner and a teacher I’m blessed to do the work that I love, meet inspiring people and be able to share it with them.

In my sessions and teaching I combine all my aquatic experiences.
Having a special pool that was designed to hold all my programs, my aim is to distribute and familiarise aquatic body work to the wider community so it can be used in all aspects of rehabilitations, self wellbeing, and aquatic integration