2019 Oct 23-28 Watsu 3 with Basia Szpak-Borst in Zlin

This class is 50 hours 8:00 Wednesday - 18:00 Monday in Zlin... Maximum number of students: 6 ... It is taught in English ... The tuition for this course is €650 ... Auditors repeat this course for €450 ... All participants pay an additional fee of €...
basiab77@gmail.com Phone; +31642525383

Watsu 3 is for people who have given enough Watsu sessions to develop a comfortable intuitive awareness of how to be with another person in the water and who are ready to further adapt and explore outside the form of Watsu 2. Powerful stretches and advanced techniques including work at the pool wall and on the steps are introduced. Rolls that require a spontaneous adaptation to the new positions they lead you into are presented as a gateway into "Free Flow" .
Prerequisite: Watsu 2, completion of 20 practice sessions, and a recorded demonstration of mastery.

Basia Szpak-Borst

Basia Szpak-Borst, Acupuncturist, Certified Watsu® Instructor is teaching and sharing this work since 1992. She has taught over 210 workshops in 25 different countries helping with alot of start up. Watsu Orphan Project Founder she specializes in custom aquatic training programs for Pregnancy,Couples,Infants and has a private practice. She advises Watsu students Borst teaches Traditional Chinese Internal Arts. She completed Advanced CranioSacral Therapy and Pediatric CST. She introduced Watsu to Japan and writes about early aquatic education for infants in her book 'Fluid Beginnings'. International Conference presenter she works with Integrative Aquatic therapy and prenatal and birth trauma. She offers the elective Aqua Doula-Prenatal Themes.

Feedback from students who have taken this class taught by Basia Szpak-Borst:

10/03/2017 ... It was a great experience on access to endless variation of free flow.
06/24/2015 ... If you managed to learn all techniques of Watsu 2 it's nice to discover the flow, the freedom, and the playfullness of a body in the water and the softness of movements, and the work in meridians and energy.
12/27/2014 ... I would recomendet it. It was a great time. I learned a lot of new skills.
12/21/2007 ... What I should recommend taking the Watsu 3 class:))
1. To forget what you have learned in watsu 1 and 2.
2. During the first days find a person in the water with whom it is easiest to learn and practice. Later you will be brave to practice on everybody.
3. Be relaxed in your movements even if your "partner-client' is very skilled person and watches you from "inside".
4. Leave your bad moods, sorrows and family problems out of the class. Be present at 100 persent - with all the heart, emotions and words.
5. Have eardrops (maybe eyedrops, too) and natural oils for the body.
What was very valuable from the teacher:
1. her personal responsibility for the training; a brilliant observer of her promises
2. The mix of intensive work with fun in the water.
3. Womanly talks; sharing views on life and Love.
4. her ability to watch the students and undestand their moods.
5. Strict teacher in the training and pleasant in communication.
6. All things in time. Interesting and intensive schedule
05/29/2007 ... This course is the icing on the cake, it brought everything together and concluded this wonderful work. Thanks again to Basia, you are a great instructor.