Phone; 707 684 0207
This class meets 8 hours on Saturday, half in water and half on land in Tantsuyoga Rounds, sharing and meditation.
Sunday's 4 hours are in the pool.
In Rounds of three help each other learn the transitions into and out of Tandem Watsu's powerful positions. The third supports powerful stretches and, taking responsibility for keeping the head supported, frees the holder to find the whole body in whatever is held. Working in threes helps what the stretches release circulate to where it is needed and find its way up the spine.
Calias Dull

Raisa Chapinotti

Raisa Chapinotti is holistic therapist natural from Brazil, Ayurvedic Therapist , Tradicional Chinese Medicine and Quantum healing back ground, Yoga teacher, Watsu practitioner, Basic Watsu instructor, OBA basic instructor, water dance 1,2,3. WOGA.