2019 Jul 10-14 Craniosacral Therapy in Water™ 2 with Elisa Munoz Blanco in Madrid

This class is 50 hours Wednesday - Sunday in Madrid...

CranioSacral Therapy in Water™ Module 2
5 days, 40 hours
Course Description

Understanding the body as an interrelated Unity where more tangible areas coexist with the more subtle, the Facilitator finds a space for self-knowledge. These bases provide the therapeutic frame where, wrapped by the support of the Water, the Patient ́s healing process is possible.
From immersion in a deeper anatomical knowledge, we explore the frontiers of healing, with the CranioSacral System as a guide.
An accident, illness, a stressful situation or an emotionally devastating experience, may have effects that extend beyond the physical. The energy that accompanies the trauma can be retained, repressed or isolated in the body in a non-conscious level when the problem has apparently been resolved. Then a complication arises that simply does not address.
That's where SomatoEmotional Release® intervenes. A new paradigm for understanding the link between our minds and bodies.
Once the cells and tissues can speak directly, easily lead Therapist and Patient in an efficient and effective way back to Health. This is the future of modern medicine.


1. Consciousness
2. Cranial Membrane System
3. Temporomandibular Joint
4. Non Verbal Communication. Non Violent Communication
5. Somatoemotional Release®
6. Multiple Hands
7. Clinical Applications

CST in Water™ Module 2 studies cranial-base dysfunctions as diagnosed and treated by Dr. William Sutherland, the "father of cranial osteopathy”. The course material and hands-on sessions will focus on cranial base dysfunctions, mandible and temporomandibular joint; whole body evaluation; and the energy cyst with regional unwinding. An introduction to SomatoEmotional Release will also be presented.

Course Highlights:

By the end of this 5-day workshop you will be able to:

- Discover how to integrate Sutherland's technique for identifying lesions into the CranioSacral Therapy Protocol.

- Enhance your ability to conduct whole-body evaluations focusing on the physiological phenomena that occur.

- Practice evaluating and treating cranial-base dysfunctions.

- Explore the concepts of SomatoEmotional Release and Energy Cysts.

- Locate and release Energy Cysts.

- Release suppressed emotions that may be inhibiting complete structural releases.

- Refine listening and comprehension skills.

- Improve palpation and whole-body evaluation skills.

- Observe skilled demonstrations and participate in hands-on practice.


CST in Water™ Module 1, thorough working knowledge of the Protocol, practice sessions and personal sessions.

Elisa Munoz Blanco

Elisa Muñoz Blanco.
Physioterapist N. 3059

Physioterapist N. 3059. Associate Professor at Physiotherapy degree in Universidad San Pablo-CEU. CEU Universities. Master Degree in Pediatrics. Professor at Expert in Aquatic Therapy of Rey Juan Carlos University, at Master degree in Pediatrics in Universidad San Pablo-CEU. CEU Universities, and at Master degree in Oncological Physiotherapy in Universidad Complutense de Madrid.

Member of Science and Research Committee of Worldwide Aquatic Bodywork Association. Member of Spanish Association of Pediatric Physiotherapy. Member of Spanish Association of Lymphedema.

CranioSacral Therapy in Water™ Creator and Instructor. Certified Watsu® Instructor. WatsuPath™ Training Institute Founder and Director.

Expert in Osteopathy, Craniomandibular Disorders and Orofacial Pain, Manual Lymphatic Drainage, Myofascial Release®, Cranio-Sacral Therapy and Traditional Thai Massage.

8 years of teaching experience, 17 years of clinical practice. Co-author of the book "Aquatic Therapy: Approaches from the Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy in the aquatic media”.

WatsuPath™ - CST in Water™ is a registered service mark of Elisa Muñoz Blanco. Elisa Muñoz Blanco and WatsuPath™ Training Institute are in title of Watsu™ trademark in Spain.

Email: elisa.mb@watsupath.com
Cellular: +34 635 42 88 16

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Elisa is a Graduated in Physiotherapy from the Universidad Europea de Madrid. She studied the Expert diploma in Craniomandibular Disorders and Orofacial Pain in Pamplona, the Postdegree diploma in Manual Lymphatic Drainage in Austria, and later integrated Cranio-Sacral Therapy and SomatoEmocional Release® into her clinical practice. A journey through Europe, Asia and Oceania allowed her to complete her Traditional Thai Massage studies, and to begin her Watsu® training path. Back to Spain she specialized in Osteopathy and Myofascial Release® by the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, and created CranioSacral Therapy in Water™, method that applies and teaches today at the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos in Madrid and other therapeutic pools in Spain, as well as in several European countries and the Americas. She is co-author of the book "Aquatic Therapy: Approaches from the Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy in the aquatic media", first book in Spanish with a 100% therapeutic approach. In 2014 founds and starts leading Watsupath™ Training Institute, collaborating with a team of therapeutic centers, practitioners and clinical prestigious teachers. The synthesis and integration of this path, and her constant and persistent pursuit of personal and professional development, nourishes the relationship with each patient, each student and each colleague. In 2015, she focuses on aquatic therapy for Cerebral Palsy kids at a special needs school, and in 2017 completes her Master degree in Pediatrics. Today she teaches to International students of Physiotherapy degree in Universidad San Pablo-CEU. CEU Universities, and in Master degree in Pediatrics in the same University, as well as in the Master degree in Oncological Physiotherapy in Universidad Complutense de Madrid. She is Member of Science and Research Committee of Worldwide Aquatic Bodywork Association, member of Spanish Association of Pediatric Physiotherapy and Spanish Association of Lymphedema.

Feedback from students who have taken this class taught by Elisa Munoz Blanco:

12/12/2017 ... Esta formación tiene un equilibrio muy acertado entre teórica y práctica.
El ritmo seguido a lo largo de los días, los recursos pedagógicos utilizadios y la dinámica de las sesiones facilita la transmisión e integración de una técnica que es extremadamente sutil y valuosa.
En general, esta formación es qualitativamente excelente y profesional.
12/11/2017 ... Perfecto paso en la TCS en agua siéndo más consciente en las sensaciones y útil para complementar herramientas en el manejo del Paciente.