2018 Apr 25-29 Watsu 2 with Cameron West in Sherman Oaks...2Z

This class is 50 hours 9am Wednesday - 6pm Sunday in Sherman Oaks... Maximum number of students: 6 ... It is taught in English ... The tuition for this course is $850 ... Auditors repeat this course for $650 ... Hold a place with a deposit of $200 ... Contact: Teresa Piddington ... Telephone 206-619-7716 ...

Expand each of the positions learned in the Transition Flow with additional moves and stretches. Learn how to adapt them to the one in your arms.

Learn what moves need to be repeated on both sides and what need only be done on one side, and how to best utilize the time this frees.

Incorporate work on the hara. Learn to individualize each session. Complete Watsu's standard form.
Cameron West

Cameron West's years of extensive training in Physical Therapy and Adaptive PE have made her a highly skilled manual therapist and educator. Cameron brings to her classes her creativity & passion for the "Balance" between the Eastern and Western practices. She will inspire her students to discover the center of their own rhythm and breath, learn movement intent and ultimately be able to adapt a session from an educated awareness.

Feedback from students who have taken this class taught by Cameron West:

03/27/2017 ... Una experiencia vital, de aprendizaje, crecimiento, de estar con una misma
02/18/2017 ... for sure
12/21/2014 ... it is a great way to give your body some love and healing.
08/17/2014 ... The instruction was excellent. Harold with his intuitive sense of the move and flow was wonderful as well as Cameron's solid and therapeutic loving touch was an amazing compliment of style. Davida as assistant just provided such loving support and guidance in the water was the perfect trifecta. I felt loved and supported through the entire process and particularly loved when difficult feelings arose in the giving and release of emotional blocks into the water.
07/30/2014 ... Watsu training with Harold and Cameron is a must. If your purpose is to be of service to others and assist them in their health and healing needs, Watsu is a must modality to add to your sachel. Watsu is THE modality that reaches humans and The All That IS on all levels, mentally, physically and spiritually. Camerons gifts, working with the Water through Watsu are magical I loudly proclaim to you "DO NOT MISS THE OPPERTUNITY TO LEARN FROM HER." and Harold as the founder has precious nuggets to share.
07/30/2014 ... It is a deepening and grounding of the work done in Watsu 1.
04/09/2013 ... Watsu 2 was a beautiful class and the instructor was amazing. I appreciated all of Cameron's and Kim's expertise and their teaching methods created a calm and enjoyable way to learn. Thank you for having such wonderful and beautiful instructors. They helped open my heart even more.
07/13/2012 ... It was a wonderful experience. Cameron West is a fantastic instructor and a lovely person. I look forward to training with her again.
07/26/2005 ... This is the best class I have taken on level with the caring nurturing enviroment at Harbin school. A wonderful place with peace and quiet and the support to understand the course material in a positive and compassionate, empowering way. A class with both Mary Seamster and Cameron West is a rare treat, take the class.!!
11/10/2004 ... If you enjoyed watsu 1 then you will definately enjoy watsu 2. if you want a simple answer - buliding on the same moves adding more flow. My personal experience ? I had a truly wonderful experience. I'm not sure if that was due to the wonderful instructors or the safe space the group provided. Nevertheless it allowed me to grow, recognize some problems in my life and make some positive changes.
Stop considering and take the course!