2018 Oct 9-11 Watsu Round Complete with Darja Havelkova in Ischia

This class is 8 hours Tuesday - Thursday in Ischia... It is taught in Czech, English ...
Experience relaxation holiday 8. - 15. 10. by thermal pools in beautiful Ischia and learn some new skills.
Combine moves that open one-on-one Watsu sessions around the world with those that culminate Tandem Watsu (two watsuing a third).
In this course there are two four hour modules. In the first explore how changes in the weight of the one in your arms in water, engages your breath and establishes the connection that deepens through moves timed to that breath.

In the second expand the first and explore how, once you are connected through the breath-timed moves, your flow within joins the flow within the one in your arms, and, together become an ocean.

Each four hour module has at least three hours in the water and is complete in itself.. Your turn in each round concludes with the powerful holds and stretches of Tandem Watsu.
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Darja Havelkova

Mgr. Darja Havelkova
Teacher degree at the Faculty od Sport and P.e.- Charles University in Prague, CZ (1994)
Founder, director and teacher of Darja Shiatsu School (since 1997), DarJa Healing School (2006) and Aquahealing Institute (2013). Watsu and Water Dance practitioner, Basic Watsu Instructor.
Uses her 20 years of teaching experience and group dynamics together with deep knowledge of shiatsu, massage, cranio-sacral therapy, character structures - Bioenergetics, healing touch, chacra work,fascial release....
Opens a space for interconnection between body, emotions, heart and soul to the spirit.
Has 4 wonderful children.

Teaches Shiatsu for Aquatic Bodywork and Watsu Basic.
Shiatsu can be studied up to Professional level (500 hours)