2018 Apr 8-8 Watsu Round Complete may be taken to ease into letting go, stress reduction, and prior to Basic Watsu® with Diane Feingold in Santa Barbara, CA USA

This class is 8 hours 900AM Sunday - 500PM in Santa Barbara, CA USA... Maximum number of students: 6 ... It is taught in English ... The tuition for this course is $350 ...

Watsu, and be watsued, from both sides. Learn to share Watsu's opening moves that connect breath and free the spine, and the Round's new heart connecting tandem completion.
Once Watsu was established as a primary mode of rehabilitation and stress reduction in clinics and spas around the world, Harold started developing the Round as the best way to introduce everybody to the benefits of both receiving and giving Watsu. The new three hour Watsu Round is complete in itself. Even if you never attend another Watsu class, you will never forget what it is to float someone at your heart, or be floated and stretched between two others.

Much of Watsu's unique benefits derive from its containment, both our unconditional whole body holding, and the containment of the warm water. The more we are contained the safer we feel, the deeper we can go within. The round's second holder adds to a containment that helps whatever is freed by Watsu's moves and stretches to find its way to where it is needed.
Watsu also benefits the holders. The oneness they feel with whoever they float at their hearts is their oneness with everything, a oneness enriched by working in threes. Besides helping each other learn the moves, the oversight of a third helps each explore how deep they connect with their eyes closed.
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