When Harold Dull took the stretches and moves of Zen Shiatsu into the water and created Watsu he found that being in water added to the body's sense of being treated as a whole. To bring that back onto land Harold developed Tantsu (Tantric Shiatsu) in which someone's whole body is contained by our whole body. Within that containment, greater safety is found, stretches and moves go deeper, breathing is synchronized from within, and we find ourselves drawn to places where we are needed.

In this workshop learn to give a complete Tantsu to someone loosely clothed on their side on a mat or massage table. Hold their whole body from the back in Tantsu's Posterior Cradle and, from the front, in its Anterior Cradle. Learn to adapt and integrate stretches and moves in simple progressions, and to be drawn out of them to wherever you are needed.
Xavier Boisson