Aquatic Integration I ~ Foundation
AI I introduces the power of utilizing warm water for self awareness, personal practice such as Yoga and T’ai Chi or to augment an existing therapeutic practice. This foundational course introduces AI philosophy, theory and concepts, provides simple aquatic principles and basic mechanics and practicum for all types of professions and interests.

· Principles of Aquatics ~ The Physics of Water
· Fundamentals of Floatation
· Body Mechanics & Kinesiology in Water
· The Power of Presence & Touch
· Anatomy of the Breath
· Introduction to Key Shiatsu Points
· Basic Session Protocol
· The Ethics of Working in Water
Cameron West

Cameron West's years of extensive training in Physical Therapy and Adaptive PE have made her a highly skilled manual therapist and educator. Cameron brings to her classes her creativity & passion for the "Balance" between the Eastern and Western practices. She will inspire her students to discover the center of their own rhythm and breath, learn movement intent and ultimately be able to adapt a session from an educated awareness.