This class expands on the foundation built in Waterdance 1 and 2 and takes your repertoire of moves into the realm of personal creativity. You explore the poetry of spontaneity inspired by what presents itself in the moment. You will be supported to create your own vocabulary of underwater moves, and learn to link them in endless new ways. The dance of a free flowing experience, back and forth between giver and receiver, is emphasized and discovery of your own unique style is encouraged and affirmed.
Prerequisites: Waterdance 1 & 2 & 20 practice sessions (at least 10 of which were logged after Waterdance 2)

Arjana Brunschwiler

Arjana Claudia Brunschwiler
Is the co-founder of WaterDance and imported WATSU® to Switzerland in the 1990s.
She is recognised by WABA (Worldwide Aquatic Bodywork Association, USA) and
IAKA (Institut für Aquatische Körperarbeit, Switzerland, Germany, Austria). In 1993 she created the IAKA Institute, a school dedicated to the art of aquatic touch and recognised worldwide for its aquatic bodywork techniques. In 1996 Arjana brought WATSU® to Belgium. Since then she teaches WATSU® and WATA worldwide.
In 2007 she started to facilitate dolphin trips in Egypt aimed at meeting free wild dolphins while practicing WATSU® and WATA in a natural environment.