2018 Apr 30-May 3 Watsu Transition Flow with Philippe Quillien in Sud de la Sarthe (2h/3h) de Paris)

This class is 34 hours 9h Monday - 17h Thursday in Sud de la Sarthe (2h/3h) de Paris)... Maximum number of students: 8 ... The tuition for this course is EUR390440 ... All participants pay an additional fee of EUR130... Hold a place with a deposit of EUR130 ...

Learn long gracefully flowing transitions into and out of Watsu's major positions. Learn about your own body mechanics - how to support and move each person as effortlessly as possible in the water.

Learn the Saddle. Support someone on your legs to free both arms for powerful bodywork and twists. Learn to adapt your Watsu to people of all sizes, shapes and dispositions.
Philippe Quillien

Feedback from students who have taken this class taught by Philippe Quillien:

12/08/2017 ... Un très bon cours. J'ai apprécié de le suivre quelque temps après le Watsu Basic, car très intense.
10/16/2016 ... Que tous les détails techniques y son merveilleusement abordés, d'y aller sans hésiter!