2018 Jun 30-Jul 1 WOGA 1 and 2 with Gianni De Stefani in Grimisuat (VS)

This class is 12 hours Saturday - Sunday in Grimisuat (VS)... Maximum number of students: 8 ... It is taught in french ... Contact: Loretta ... Telephone 076 3686281 ...
info@woga.pro Phone; 076 3686281

Gianni De Stefani

Feedback from students who have taken this class taught by Gianni De Stefani:

01/06/2018 ... Water wellness balance It was great
07/17/2017 ... It was an incredible experience. Stayin in the water and joint your body in this element is wonderfull. It was a short time..but it was full. Loretta and Gianni are kind and sunny.
10/04/2016 ... Très belle formation qui nous apporte beaucoup sur nous même
09/06/2016 ... Woga is a beautiful experience that help you to feel your body in consciousness. Do asana in water is perfect for body because help you to feel better your limits and not forced it, in connection with the characteristics of the water element. The under water work is a beautiful and deep work for the breath, the emotions, the ancient memories of the body and the important work of passivity (not using will).
09/03/2015 ... I have already attended this course one year ago. So, this was my second experience with water joga. I was very surprised to find out that after one year I can do some excercise I could not do before and without any problems. So, thank you Gianni! My thanks also belong to WATSU and water, as their combination is according to me very powerfull tool. I can see the changes it brought into my life not only on my own body, but also in my mind.